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I am 19. My S/O is 21. He does not want kids, not for a while, anyway. All I want is to have kids. I have an IUD, but I got pregnant. I didnt know until I went to the doctor because of an immense amount of bleeding. I had a miscarriage. I didnt even know I was pregnant, but somehow that still makes me upset. I havent talked to anyone about it, other than my best friend. How do you cope? 

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  • I think you keep talking about it...does talking with your best friend help at all? Have you thought about seeking out a third party like a therapist? It's absolutely natural to feel upset, angry, saddened, empty, confused etc. after experiencing a loss no matter if it was planned or an unexpected pregnancy. I'm so sorry for you loss...you're welcome to always come here and chat with us!

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  • thank you. i think the biggest thing for me is that for the first few weeks, i didnt care. i didnt care because i wasnt planning and i knew i shouldnt be upset. the more i talked about the more upset i got, though. but now, after about a month, i feel a lot better talking about it with my best friend. i dont think i want to tell anyone else. 
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