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Pregnancy symptoms, but negative tests

Hi all!

So I weaned Caroline right at 11.5 months and got my period about a month later. Well here we are a month after that, and no period. I've also been nauseous and waking at night to pee, so I thought I was pregnant. I took one test last week and one this morning, both negative. So I feel like I'm in limbo here, waiting for my period but wondering if I just took the test too early. Any insights??

Re: Pregnancy symptoms, but negative tests

  • Maybe to early to test positive? I know with one of my kids(I have 3)I got my period every 6weeks instead of 4for a few months. This time I still havent gotten mine back but were still nursing. With my other two I had my period back within a few months of having them 
  • It might just take some time for your cycle to normalize again. Or like @taitai82 said - maybe it's too early to detect. I guess you'll find out for sure one way or the other pretty soon. :-p
  • I'm guessing too early to tell. The HcG hormone increases rapidly the first few weeks so give it another week or two. Most women don't get a positive result from a urine test till around 5 weeks. 
    I had no pregnancy symptoms at all, but a positive test at 4 weeks. I'm 6 weeks now and am just starting with the dreaded nausea. 
    Good luck!!!
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