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HCG Levels

When I found out I was pregnant I had my hcg double every 48-72 hours. 

On March 22 I had my blood taken and my hcg was at 20900. Today March 27 my levels are only 28600. So they did not double. Should I be worried? Anyone else experienced something similar but still go on to have a healthy pregnancy?

Re: HCG Levels

  • I think it tapers off, doesn't it? Like the higher you go, the longer it takes to double? I think after 6,000 it takes like 4 days to double, so I would imagine after 20k it takes even longer! I can't remember how far along you are but those numbers look great regardless! What does your doc say?
  • @HGRich I'm just shy of 7 weeks. 

    My doctor didn't seem concerned and was happy that they are increasing 
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  • I'd say you needn't be worried either then. Those numbers are well within normal range for 7 weeks. Trust your doc. Do you have another draw coming? 
  • No more blood draws bc my doctor said it isnt a good indicator this far in the pregnancy. 'i have an u/s on thursday and hoping for the best
  • Awesome! Well an u/s is even better. Good luck and keep us posted! 
  • I will! 
  • Hey @HGRich
    I have a quick question for you, I just went to the bathroom and noticed when I wiped I had the faintest spec of blood. If I wasn't looking at my tissue so closely I probably wouldn't have noticed it. Do you think this is normal or should I go see a doctor?
  • Hey! I had that from weeks 6-9. It was normal for me. Pink and brown spotting is normal in early pregnancy. If it's red, that's when it's a concern. Of course if you want to call your doc in the morning, go for it. I called mine at some point after the third or fourth time I'd seen spotting just to see what she said. She said to simply call again if it increased or turned red. But for tonight, I wouldn't worry about going in. Don't google anything either. Lol. Take a deep breath and call in the morning if you like. But really, a lot of women have faint spotting, especially in early pregnancy. 
  • Yeah I wouldn't have noticed it if I wasn't paying attention to my tissue, my husband  could hardly see it as well. I know this is TMI but when I went to check my CM it was clear no blood. I also think I may have a yeast infection, anyway that could cause a spec of blood?
  • I don't know--I've never had one! You'd have to ask your doctor about that one. But remember you've got a lot going on down there and pregnancy is making you more sensitive and also increasing blood flow down there. So maybe, but I don't know! Regardless, it's likely normal pregnancy spotting! Just call in the morning if it's worse. Otherwise don't sweat it. 
  • Went in for my ultrasound today and it doesn't seem to be good. Tell embryo was seen but I'm measuring 6 weeks 2 days 10 days ago I was measuring almost 6 weeks. 
  • @tvisram I'm so sorry to hear this. What did your doctor think? How was the heartbeat? It doesn't sound very good and I'm so sorry. I will keep hoping with you for growth to happen. I'm no doctor so I wouldn't know what that might mean. But know we're thinking of you. 
  • Didn't even hear a heartbeat..and my doctor said it's worrisome so I don't really have any hope at this point 
  • I'm so sorry. So broken-hearted for you. I hope the next few days and weeks go as smoothly as they possibly can, whatever the outcome. Feel free to update us if you like. Please take care of yourself. I hope your doctor works closely with you on your journey to your rainbow baby so you can figure out how to get there. Thinking of you and praying for you. 
  • I am so sorry @tvisram. Thinking of you and hope that your journey continues, whatever the path may be.

    *** TW**

    Me: 37, DH:39
    Met: 2002 | Married: 2004 | TTC since January 2014
    July 2015: MMC @ 9 wks | August 2015: Chemical
    March, April, May & June 2016: Medicated IUIs | BFN 
    August 2016: Started Stims 8/22
    September 2016: Egg Retrieval 9/4 | 13 Mature Eggs | 10 Fertilized | 3 Blastocytes | 1 PGS Normal Embaby 
    November 7, 2016: FET - BFP!
    EDD 7/25/17
    Zoey Alexis born 7/25/17 @ 12:39 PM | 7lbs 14oz | 19 inches
  • Thank you ladies.. just so tired of going through this for the second time..

  • Sorry to hear this @tvisram :( it's not fair at all. Going through one sucks, going through more than one sucks, it's just emotionally draining!! Hoping third time will be your charm <3 

    Me.30 DH.31 
    BFP 8/28/15 mmc @ 11 weeks (d&c)
    BFP 9/28/16 mmc @ 8 weeks (d&c) - trisomy 5
    BFP 2/3/17...edd 10/13/17 <3

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