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Healthy Habits Check-In Week of 3.27.17


Re: Healthy Habits Check-In Week of 3.27.17

  • So I totally forgot to check in earlier this week! Oops! Better late than never right?

    1. What healthy habit are you working on? Eating sugar and grain free and being more active (workout at least 3 days a week). 

    2. How's it going? It's been good! I had a major cheat last Friday (planned but I went overboard). This week so far the only "cheats" I have had are fruit and nut granola bars that are obviously grains, but also have added sugar. I got a good long workout in yesterday and I'm going jogging with DH tonight. I leave for AZ tomorrow so my food will probably be all cheats but I will be hiking at least one day for my 3rd workout. 

    3.  What’s a “small win” you have from last week? My scale said I lost 5 lbs! I am pretty sure it is all bloat and water weight from changing my diet drastically though.. But hopefully it stays off!

    4. GTKY: What is your favorite workout gear/item? This is a hard one! I have a set of weights I use A LOT so maybe that based on use? Otherwise my asics because they are so colorful and I never have foot issues with them! 

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  • @LoveInDC @50Wife I signed up for the 30 days of yoga with Adriene but I have to start! I'm thinking next Monday, but I know I will have to take a break when I'm in Hawaii. I mean I don't HAVE to take a break, but I might lack the motivation. 

    @Avrilmai I swear the more water I drink the more I need. I probably drink 80+oz a day and I am always still SO thirsty. I don't get it. 
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  • @Avrilmai @LoveInDC I'll be on day 5 today! Did day 4 last night after 10pm but I'm doing my best to stick with it!'s kinda boring for me. I'm more into upbeat workouts but I think mentally I need to at least get through these 30 days and see if I enjoy it more. 

    @MrsMiller8588 if I were in Hawaii I probably wouldn't be doing YouTube yoga! 
  • @Avrilmai It's a hypertrophy program (muscle building), and I really LOVE it! You see results so. damn. quick. it's amazing! 
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  • @50Wife Keep at it! I used to think that I could only do high intensity workouts. I'm the kind of person who always needs to be doing something. But the more I do yoga and meditation, the more I enjoy taking the time to turn my mind off and just get in tune with my body. It's very healing. If you can't get into the mindset, at least you tried :) Good luck on ab day tomorrow!
  • @LoveInDC that's why I'm really trying to stick with it. Mentally it is nice, even though I still find myself wanting her to move quicker.  It I think it's needed which is why I'm definitely trying to at least do the 30 days. I hope I get into it a bit more and want to do more past that point! 
    I did finish day 5 today though! 
  • @50Wife you can also think of yoga this way...your lengthening and strengthening muscles and improving balance which will probably be a benefit in your other workouts as well!
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  • @SoldiersMom mmmmmmhmm  ;)
    I'm still going to do it, I'll give it the full 30 days and then decide if it's still not my thing! 

  • @LoveInDC ok, I actually loved ab day! I wish it were longer.  I may randomly throw in those moves at the end of other days just to tighten up a bit! 
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    @50Wife You are a glutton for punishment! I might go back to ab day when I need a personal push, but I was so ready for that day to be over lol I guess I know where I need to put in more work ;)

    ETA: because glutton and gluten are two different things lol
  • @LoveInDC hah I have always enjoyed working my abs more than anything. I like to think they're pretty strong already so it's nice when I actually feel them burning during and after a workout. Now if I only enjoyed cardio as much as abs, I'd probably have a visible 6 pack... 

    In other water intake sucks. Any ladies have tips or tricks outside of adding lemon/fruit to my water or an app on my phone? Because I'm still failing miserably even using both of those. 
  • @LoveInDC water intake is one of my goals. I do both of the things that you said you're failing at today was lemon/strawberry in the water bottle. The other thing I found that works for me is basically challenging myself to finish off a different container. Ex- my hospital has fruit infused water in the cafeteria. I get 2 12oz cups and I challenge my self to finish one before I get back to my office or give myself a time limit. I also find I do better mixing up the size of the container (20oz bottle, 8 oz cup, 12 oz cup) I think the variety helps me to feel more accomplished. (Wow that was long and rambling about water) 
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