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St. Luke's Unmedicated Birth Experience

Background: I am researching all of my birth options and leaning toward a natural birth. My OB is under Institute for Women's Health and I have had her since before pregnancy, so I am reluctant to change, but feel like maybe switching to a midwifery group would help me get the birth I want in a hospital setting.

Has anyone, not going in under the midwives, been able to use the room with the tub in it? 

Has anyone had a natural birth experience under their OB? I'm nervous about medicine being pushed on me, but hoping that the nurses there are open to working with unmedicated deliveries, since it has midwives there.

So many questions, but if anyone has any experience I'd love to hear it.

Re: St. Luke's Unmedicated Birth Experience

  • destinyd8destinyd8 member
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    I am wondering the same thing but I have an appointment with an OB that is a part of Lone Star OBGYN. It's next Tuesday. I will keep you posted on what they tell me if you haven't already found out! 
  • I asked my OB at my last appointment and she said that that I could use the tub only if it wasn't in use and she said I would have to have an IV. So I will probably try to labor at home as long as I can...
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  • Any new info re this topic? 
  • allydsalallydsal member
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    I had both my kids at St. Luke's,  the first time a nurse was very pushy with the meds. but my ob nipped it in the bud as soon as she caught wind. and with second no one moved until I decided I was ready. you just have to be stern and tell them no.
  • I had my son in July 2016 at St Lukes and I didn’t have a problem with interventions. I had midwives through Lone Star Midwives. I made a birth plan, but I actually forgot it at home lol. I chose to use a heplock and they just wrapped the monitor around me every 30 minutes or so to check the baby. I was able to get a room with the tub, which was nice but I didn’t use it much. I just made it known to everyone that I didn’t want pain meds and was using other methods to help me. The nurses were really helpful and reminded me to take deep breathes. 
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