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Ready to feed formula similac

We give ready to feed formula to our nb. He drinks 3.5Oz from the two bottle's of 2oz. We pour it in a bottle, so there is leftover formula on the second 2Oz RTF bottle and I wanted to know that if my LO can drink the leftover later even when it is open since the similac directions for use says discard one hour after oral feeding begins - he doesn't drink it straight from the RTF bottle so can he still drink the leftover?  Pls help

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    If you leave the half oz in the original bottle and put that in the fridge I think it's ok for 24 hrs. If you pour it all into the bottle he drinks from though then no it's not ok and you should discard it after an hour from when he starts drinking.
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    Are you buying just the 2oz bottles for a particular reason aside from the fact that they are ready to feed? We went through our samples and the RTF stuff we received from the hospital, then bought the RTF 1 liter (I think?). It saves you ALOT of money in the long run, plus you have 72 hours from the time you open it to use. 

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    I use powder for the most part, but we use ready to feed bottles when we're out and about. We buy 8oz ones. We pour the formula into a bottle and put the opened bottle into an insulated pouch in the diaper bag with a freeze pack and/or tfrozen eething rings. Once baby put his/her mouth on the bottle, the one hour clock begins. But until then, it's 24 hours.
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    I used ready to feed with my first. You can put the opened bottle in the fridge for up to 24 hours.
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