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Siblings 5 years apart

I am pregnant with my second child and we have a 4 1/2 year old. We didn't want our kids to be super close in age. We were hoping for a 3-31/2 year difference but we had some troubles conceiving. So, when I have this baby my daughter will be just over 5. I was wondering if anyone could share some pros and cons who have a similar situation. My sister and I are almost 5 years apart and we got along great growing up but I'm wondering about it from a parenting perspective. 

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  • I know this is an older post, but my kids are 14, 10 and 1.5. Big gaps. And honestly I love it. My boys are 4 years apart and it was a lot easier taking care of a newborn and a 4 yr old bc he was very helpful and also somewhat independent. And with my youngest both of my boys have been a huge help with their sister. They are all close with each other so I don't think the age gap made a difference. 
  • I love it my step daughter is 15. My son is 10 and my daughter is 2. Best birth co trol for my teen because everyone says she and i can be sisters and thought my son when he was 8 was hers. She is petrified to have kids now. My son i was worried about bc he has always been my baby and is the only child at his dads. Step daughter is her fathers o ky child. Both our kids got along great so we worried when baby came. My son loves her to death and vise versa. My LO will follow him to the end of the world if she could. My eldest she tends to stay at her moms bc she has no structure there but she loves seeing her sister and now that my LO can recognize her she likes to try to play with her. I love having older kids who can be shown responsibility. I do wish i had her a few years earlier just for my sake but i live the age gap
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  • I think this is quite a good and common age difference!
    My son is soon 5 years old and my husband and I also discussed the topic of having a second child.
    Do you know what is the plus of raising children with such a difference? You will always have different objects for help and problems, such as school and kindergarten, high school and junior, you can help them individually, and not give the same advice if the difference, for example, would be less
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