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Cured meat?

Ok don't judge but I have had a lot of food aversions. I'm basically living off eggs, cheese, bread and crackers. However, I have been craving salami sandwiches or sliced sopressata with cheese. How bad is it to eat that stuff when pregnant? I have an appt with my dr next week but I figured I would ask here first. 

Re: Cured meat?

  • You're supposed to heat any deli meat and then it'd be fine... that being said, I only craved deli meat and salad with my daughter (so weird) and I got lazy by mid pregnancy and just ate it and she's fine. I just bought it from the deli or a good source. I'd ask your doctor too though as I realize I'm telling you I do something doctors recommend against :)
  • Just make good choices. I ate Jersey Mikes turkey sandwiches my entire pregnancy. Lol

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  • That's what I've heard. A few people have said if you get it from a clean place that goes through a lot of cold cuts you will be fine. I'm just having such a hard time with eating and I keep craving that! 
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