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Why my pregnant self is crying 3/23

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Re: Why my pregnant self is crying 3/23

  • I have another. So my dog had had mild incontinece problems since she was spayed. She's only two years old next week! But she'll dribble a bit when she's relaxed. I was sitting on the couch with her finally relaxing and putting my feet up after dinner, and had to get up and down from the couch a few more times to get something or to pee. Finally I'm sitting down for what I think will be at least 15 minutes when Phoebe, who had curled up on me, jumps down and hides behind the couch guiltily (which means she knows she's peed--though I never punish her for incontinence). Well, she had in fact peed on me. It smelled terrible. I just started crying because it meant having to clean the couch and take a shower instead of getting to relax. I know it's ridiculous and not her fault anyway but those hormones have me crying about everything. Ugh! And ew! 
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