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22 month old obsessed with the boob

Helpppp. I'm 16 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and my 22 month old is still breastfed. I want to wean her before the baby comes. Actually as soon as possible! My breast are so sore and I get no sleep at night. She not only loves her milkies but is obsessed with holding/twirling my nipple for comfort or to sleep. What can I do?? 

Re: 22 month old obsessed with the boob

  • I went through this a few months ago, I was 14 weeks pregnant with #2 and DD was about 17 months old. OMG, it hurt and I couldn't stand it anymore. I started by skipping  her morning breastfeeding and we went straight to breakfast, then after a week or so we started cutting  out bf at nap time and then bed time too. I'd offer a book or a song and try to distract her from the boobs. Sometimes I just had to say no, and she'd throw a little fit but again, distraction is key. Eventually she just forgot about boobs all together. Hope this helps!
  • Mamabear-- Any progress in the last few weeks?  I didn't see your post before I posted the same thing today!  My daughter also likes to play with my other nipple while she nurses.  Soooo annoying!!!  The whole distraction thing has been challenging for me.  Hoping we make progress soon, but who knows.  My girl likes to nurse at random times during the day.
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