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Hello everyone,

First time posting after having my LO. So at 2.5 weeks my baby girl was diagnosed with reflux with sleep apnea. Basicly she goes into too deep of a sleep and her respiratory rate goes way down or she will reflux and stop breathing. Her reflux sent us to the emergency room when she choked on her spit up one night. At this point she in on zantac 2x a day and is on a 24hr apnea monitor.

Anyway, she is now 1 month old and I was wondering what everyone's feeding routine is with their reflux baby. Basicly my feedings go like this, feed for avg 20 min on one boob only. Otherwise she will eat too much and throw up everything she just ate. After feeding I keep her upright for 20-30 min. During that time I try for her to burp. Most of the time she falls asleep. My pediatrician said at the last visit once she burps to put her back down to sleep. But that's just not possible because it will be a waterfall of milk. I've already tried it so I know. 

So what is everyone else's routine? 

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    I keep my daughter up for at least 30 minutes, sometimes I wait an hour. I've got her crib at about a 30 degree angle and we use the Reste Safe Sleep Solution to keep her from sliding down when we put her down to sleep and she no longer chokes and gags, though she still has reflux trying to come up, it just can't make it as far up her throat. 

    I don't know if your daughter had had any other symptoms, but mine has MSPI and I've noticed her reflux seems to be getting somewhat better since I've eliminated dairy and soy from my diet. I'll also give her some gripe water at bedtime if she's had a bad day and it seems to help some.

    When you lay her back down, does she squirm or seem uncomfortable? I know I have to get 2 or 3 burps out of my daughter sometimes.

    Also, do you know if you might have overactive let down? I've found my daughter has been doing better since I take her off when let down starts and I hand express milk until the flow slows back down. Otherwise, she would break the latch constantly during let down and end up swallowing a lot more air. 

    Something else you might try is giving her a pacifier after feeding. I've read it can help promote digestion and reduce reflux. 
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