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Zofran anyone?

Anyone on here take zofran for morning sickness? My OB suggested switching to that from Diclegis since that's no longer working for me. Has the zofran been helpful? Any issues with it? Thanks! 

Re: Zofran anyone?

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    There is conflicting data on its safety and not as widely recommended as it once was.  Maybe do a keyword search with Zofran on October 2017 and see what pops up from prior discussions and symptoms threads.  You may find some other ideas that you haven't tried. Good luck
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  • @mlasenburg there are several class action lawsuits against Zofran stemming from 2016. I feel that is just too close for comfort to switch over. I'm really sorry you have been feeling really crummy and that Diclegis is no longer working.
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  • I was just moved to zofran (i have hyperemesis). Had it my last 2 pregnancies. I was on zofran my entire last pregnancy.  It is literally the only medicine that keeps me from throwing up non stop to 1 or 2 times a day.  Im 10 weeks tomorrow, have already lost over 10lbs and been in the hospital twice.  Do your own research but to me it was an easy choice. 

  • @mlasenburg Like pp said, your health is the most important thing. If you aren't healthy, your baby isn't healthy. That's way more tangible than the conflicting information out there about zofran. I hope you feel better!!
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  • Thank you all for your feedback :)
  • I was in the hospital twice for IV fluids and lost 10+ pounds. I'm currently on Kytril. It has helped me so much. I wasn't opposed to trying Zofran if it had come to that. I couldn't keep on that way! 
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  • Zofran was a life saver for me, but caused extreme constipation.
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    I had hyperemesis with my 1st and 2nd pregnancy. I tried EVERYTHING. Gingerale, sea bands, crackers, Reglan - helped a bit. Although 2nd dose I had anaphylaxis  :(   Zofran did not help me. I was willing to try anything. I lost weight until 6 months...then stabilized. But didn't gain any weight. It was awful. Add nonstress tests, and weight check appointments to list and life revolved around food. Whether it was throwing it up, smelling it, or trying to eat. You need to do what you have to do. I am thankful ....DARE I SAY IT....this pregnancy has not been as bad. Lol. I haven't vomited...been ooooooo so close. Awful nausea. But not like the the others so it can be different. You and your doctor will come up with something as safe as possible. Not everyone can have the dreamy textbook pregnancy...and that is OK!
  • Zofran has saved me. I am 10 weeks and have lost 13 pounds from all the throwing up. While it's not a cure it definitely makes the nausea slightly more tolerable. 

    I read the negative reviews online but after talking with my doctor it wasn't enough to convince me not to take it. 
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