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Pregnant again but confused about u/s


Sorry back in January I had an early m/c. I then had intercourse with my husband on February 12 and conceived again. I was thinking that I'd be around 6+5 but I went to get an ultrasound done and the doctor said I am almost 6 weeks. They were able to detect a gestational sac a yolk sac and said she might have seen a fetal pole but wasn't 100% positive. 

I'm don't know how my dates are incorrect considering we only had intercourse once (my husband travels a lot)  anyone have similar stories that they can share with me. I'm really scared. 

Re: Pregnant again but confused about u/s

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    Hey! Congrats on the new bfp! You're still in a normal range. A week big or small is not bad, and you're less than a week. Now for me, I know what day I conceived too, but then I also know when I implanted because I got implantation cramping. It was at 7dpo, which is a few days earlier than most women. So baby ended up being three days bigger than I expected until I put the two together and realized the symptoms I had recorded at 7dpo was implantation. For you, let's say the sperm lived in there for a whole 12 hours before fertilization, and you implanted at 12dpo, which is a little later than the average of 9dpo. That's 3.5 days accounted for, and only puts baby off by one day or so, and that's nothing at all. Of course all that is just speculation, but an example of something totally normal! If your doctor isn't worried, you shouldn't be either. When is your next ultrasound? 

    Hang in there and take a deep breath! Hoping with you that this is your little rainbow! 
  • My next ultrasound is in 10 days so next Wednesday. I just hope everything goes well. I guess I was just scared because I knew exactly when I had sex and to me it didn't make sense to be roughly  5+5 right now 
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  • Keep us updated. :) It's not abnormal! Pulling for you. 
  • Thanks and I will!
  • @tvisram I went through the exact same thing.  Had a MC in aug and then about a month later found out I was pregnant again.  We only had sex once and when we went in for our first US to date the pregnancy (I never got a period after my MC) they said they saw a ges sac and possibly yolk sac that was maybe 5 weeks and no fetal pole yet.  The dates just didn't add up and I was terrified!!! We had to go back 10 days later.  10 days later sac was measuring 7 weeks and there was a very strong HB.  Dates were exactly measuring up.  Now I'll be 30 weeks with boy #2 on fri. Happens all the time.  Good luck next week.
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  • @tvisram sperm can live for up to five days inside you, so if you ovulated later than you think and implanted later, that could make up for the time. Good luck!
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  • @schnitz9 thank you for sharing your story that makes me feel a lot better. My doctor said I was scanning about almost 6 weeks with gestation sac and yolk sac visible and she said that the technician said they saw a tiny fetal pole but didn't put it on the report because it was tiny. 

    What symptoms do you have or did you have? 
  • How are things going? I am sorry you are going through this. Pregnancy is so hard after loss.
     I just had my first u/s and I am measuring 9 days early.  It's freaking me out a bit, though my cycle was weird as it was the first after a ms. I have lost 2 pregnancies and am on pins and needles. They did find a heartbeat, but both of my losses were after the first trimester.
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