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Here we can discuss how we are getting back into shape. What type of workouts are you doing?  Any special diet?  What is working for you?

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  • BFing has helped me a great deal in keeping my weight down considering how much extra I'm eating to maintain my supply. I'm also on a dairy/tomato free diet because S has an allergy so I'm sure that has helped some. Prior to going back to work I was walking almost everyday with S and doing some light ab work since I had a C section. Now that I'm back at work I've been doing some stairs and some ab work while sitting at my desk. I've definitely lost a lot of muscle and need to work on getting that back. My biggest issue is finding good food that is fast to make that I can eat that doesn't contain dairy or tomato. And also coming up with recipes for the whole family to eat. 
  • Bf helped me lose the baby weight pretty quick. All my clothes fit and I'm happy with that, but I've lost SO much muscle! I bought a new bikini last week and I'll definitely wear it proudly, but there's a few areas that could use some toning (mainly outer thigh/flutes). I've been taking the baby on walks in the stroller and doing lunges and jump squats to help with that. 

    I need to to do better on eating healthier. I eat pretty well, but give in to sweets so much! And because I weigh less than I did prepregnancy, I excuse it. I've got to get a better mentality and remind myself that even if I don't gain weight due to breastfeeding, eating healthier will help tone those areas above.
  • Glutes not flutes haha
  • @fitlady21 I feel like I wrote your post. I'm down from my pre pregnancy weight also but a lot of that is from loss of muscle. I also will eat junk sometimes and think it's ok because I'm down on pounds. But I think I've been doing better with that now since I can't eat all the sweets because of dairy. 
  • @Ladybug2821

    Haha maybe I should give up dairy too! I keep telling myself I'm going to go cold turkey and give up sweets.. just haven't done it yet.
  • I literally just finished a cookie for breakfast before reading this. Ugh.

    Well, I'm up 35lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. I had lost a bit, then gave into sugar and laziness. I was 115 pretty pregnancy, I am now between 145 and 150 consistently. I don't want to be 115 again, I was looking at old pictures of me with FI, and I looked sick. And then HE said I looked sick, but never told me that beforehand =/ 
    I'm kinda digging my new curves and booty, just not the little tummy and dimples that go along with it so I think I'm going to focus more on toning than losing, because I think I can make this weight look pretty good if I could just "smooth it out". Cardio is inevitable if I want to lose the belly, but it's not my main focus.
    I'll eventually get back to doing my BBL. I had been wearing a waist trainer, but only committed for 3 full days. I just need to get motivtated! This pretty spring weather is helping at least.
  • It's so hard to stay motivated! @AllyTheKid How tall are you? 115 sounds so tiny!
  • @fitlady21 5'3", I'm on the shorter side so that weight would be tinier on a taller lady I'd imagine. 
    I can not for the life of me remember how I stayed motivated before... I've been there/done that, what's the deal now?? Haha
  • I wish I could have a cookie. Admittedly, I didn't gain very much during pregnancy. But I also had GD so I've been on a diet since 28 weeks for one reason or another. 
  • I'm looking forward to nicer weather to get outside to exercise. I'd like to shed 10 pounds by the summer. I could be doing workout videos indoors but meh going to wait it out. I eat relatively healthy and am on a huge 
    Kombucha kick right now which is healthy yet delicious. 
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  • I love Kombucha!! But sadly I researched it and read that I shouldn't drink it while nursing.
  • @fitlady21  Ugh! Glad you mentioned this because honestly it didn't even occur to me to research this. I will also be abstaining now until I am done BF. I was thinking V was constipated from the banana she was eating lately but now after a quick google search I see it could be from Kombucha. 
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  • I'm pretty good about getting my cardio in.  At work i'll just walk the garage and on the weekend, I take S for walks.  But I can't seem to get in any kind of toning especially ab work which I need.  I had a C-section so I have that stupid pouch, plus my stomach sticks out kind of weird.  Sometimes I try to do stuff while at my desk but by the time I get home I'm just too tired to worry about it even though I need to worry about it.  Then I also read somewhere that doing crunches/leg lifts causes your stomach to stick out more (muscles) and to do planks instead.  I'm hoping that's not true because I can't do planks.
  • Crunches and roll-ups will NOT make your stomach stick out more unless that is the ONLY thing you're doing. Even then, you have to be eating tons of protein to help cause it to bulk up, so forget who ever told you that jazz. I used to do crunches and roll-ups all the time, and to be quite honest, I used to have the best looking stomach out of everybody I know, period. Planking is great, but it won't help burn off much pooch, it's focus is actually more on the lats and obliques, which aids in helping make your stomach look flatter and more toned  by cutting down on love handles. 
    Adding a bit MORE cardio will help. Crunches are your friends, planking wouldn't hurt, but there are plenty of alternatives and modifications to help you out with that if your arms and core can handle it yet. @ladybug2821 ;
    Now I'm no pro, I'm just reiterating what I have learned and what has worked for me in the past and is working now (and I have ALWAYS hated planks!)
  • @allythekid I'm glad to hear that!  I just need to make a point to do something whether it's in the office right after pumping or at home when S is asleep. 
  • If you have 10 minutes a day, do this when you can, and do the best you can each time :) 
  • 9 days into my diet and exercise routine! Doesn't sound like much on the surface, but statistically it takes approximately 21 days to form a habit, so I'm almost halfway there to a potential lifestyle change ;)

    But really, I am so satisfied with how my skin looks and how I feel in general, I don't think I ever want to quit this. I can give up refined sugars and processed foods as long as I can cheat on the holidays! 
  • That is awesome @allythekid

    While I'm at work, I'm going to step up my cardio by walking the garage in the morning and doing some stairs in the afternoon.  Then at home when S is asleep I'm going to do that ab video that Ally posted.  Hopefully, that will help to get my stomach looking normal.

  • So today is day 5 of whole 30 and I feel great today! But honestly, I have been in such an irritable mood due to lack of sleep and this whole 30 thing! Glad I'm finally feeling normal. 

    Ive realized I really have to eat a lot to stay energized and to stop cravings. Which I'm good with. I eat a ton! Haha always have but now I'm having to eat a ton of meat and veggies instead of processed foods that are more "filling" in smaller quantities. 
  • Yes!  The amount of food I eat now is insane.  I used to get full so easily and could never finish a meal when we went out.  Now I finish it and I'm still hungry :/.
  • Hearing about Whole30 just makes me want to eat steak and eggs and tomatoes for breakfast every day...
  • Hahaha I wished I liked steak! I've always disliked it until pregnant.. then I craved it like crazy! Now I'm back to disliking it. I'm just not much of a meat person period.
  • Don't really like eggs either haha
  • @Fitlady21 and here I thought we could be friends...

  • @Kgridley27 Haha I know! I have weird taste when it comes to food.
  • @fitlady21 Good job on 5 days strong! I'm not doing "whole 30" by name, but it's essentially the same thing. I do green smoothies, and my solid foods are raw fruit and veggies, nuts, and no red meats so chicken, eggs, and fish only. No refined sugars, dairy, or processed foods at all. I do slip on that with my coffee creamer (non-dairy but not sugar free), but I don't think that's too much harm!

    I'm apalled that you don't like steak and eggs, but you can still sit with us though I guess... ;)

    @ladybug2821 Breatfeeding and pumping made me ravenous in ways I never imagined possible... I ate man sized portions- like, viking man sized portions with room for more. Absolute insanity. Juat make sure your packing in mostly good carbs and lots of protein and good fats from nuts!
    Also, I found a tummy toning video specifically for post partum women who need a little strength training for the belly and pelvic floor before moving onto heavier exercise, I'll link it if you would like! I wish I had found it sooner, it would have been a great help to me earlier, I'm still going to incorporate it in on non-ab days though because I like it.

  • @allythekid Yes, please post!  I'm going to start doing abs tonight.  I'm considering bringing my yoga mat to put on the floor in my pumping office.

  • @Ladybug2821 A yoga mat will be very helpful since it is all floor work, an office floor with no mat sounds icky anyway! I'll post that video once I get back on my laptop at naptime. :)
  • @allythekid I did that ab workout Saturday and my abs are still sore lol.
  • @ladybug2821 Fantastic! But they hurt so GOOD, right? ;)
  • Two weeks strong in my diet and exercise routine! Not so much losing weight, but there are definite changes in my body :) And FI has been doing great too!
  • I'm getting burnt out on green smoothies. FI is going to continue those, but I've gone Paleo (minus red meat) and am calorie counting. And since I am close to my target size (i.e. fitting comfortably into the wedding dress my mom bought for me and making it look good) I've created my own diet plan. I consume 1000 calories a day eating 4 meals, and strive to burn off half of those calories exercising.
    I call it 4-3-2-1 Paleo. Meal one has 400 calories, meal two 300, Meal three 200, and meal four 100. Trying to eat 400 calories in one sitting on a paleo diet isn't easy either! 
    I feel like a dweeb right now, but I'm proud of my catchy title and schedule damn it! Haha

  • @AllyTheKid Only 1000 calories? That's so low! How much and how quickly are you trying to lose weight?
  • It's not so much a weight goal as it is a size goal, my weight isn't changing much since I'm definitely getting more muscular, I'm just trying to fit comfortably into my wedding dress by June!
    I know 1000 calories sounds low statistically, but considering my specific macros, I am getting ample nutrients, and I feel great on top of that. The daily recommended amount of calories for a gal with my BMI is only 1200 anyway so I'm really not off by much :) I can't exercise quite as much as I would prefer because mom life, so I just cut that extra 200 calories off the tail end.

  • FWIW, I go over that 1000 several days a week sometimes into 1200 range because it is difficult to completely scale portions to a specific number of calories, and I never ever go below 1000.
  • I am curious what the 100 cal meal looks like? I'm just picturing half a celery stalk haha
  • @kgridley27 Actually my dear, a celery stalk has about 3-5 calories, try two skinless baked drumsticks for 100 calories ;) Not too shabby, eh? You can eat a whole lot of the right foods and stay really full off of 1000 calories!
  • It is amazing how much food you can eat (quantity wise) if it's clean and not processed! 
  • I think I would die if I could only eat 1000 calories, but I'm not eating clean either so I'm sure that helps.  I've been more consistent with walking while at work and taking S for walks on weekends.  I've also been doing the ab exercises after one of my pumping sessions to get that in.  I need to start toning other areas though so I will start doing squats and arm dips.  I have been looking at the scale because I do have a goal weight but of course want to make sure my body looks toned also.
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