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Mental Health Check In 3/20

How are we feeling this week?

Re: Mental Health Check In 3/20

  • I'll start.
    I've had a hell of a few days, but today was my first day back to work after my vacation and it took me forever to get through all my messages both via phone and computer.  I'm feeling pretty good today, surprisingly after the weekend I've had.  I have my shower coming up on the 2nd, which I'm so excited for.  Although I'm slightly overwhelmed thinking about all the things we need to set up after the shower happens.

  • @jens_hoes I'm glad your Monday seems to be a bit better than the last few days you've had! Hoping all has settled a little bit at home and that you can get back into the swing of things at work after vacation! That's always the hardest part! 

    I, too, am starting to feel a little overwhelmed with getting the nursery ready (once we move and after our shower April 2nd) and the visitors coming. I think they will be spaced out pretty good, but it still feels overwhelming. Maybe it has a little to do with the fact that we are 9 weeks away from a newborn! 

    Little stressed about getting everything done at our current place to move this weekend, but I'm sure it will all work out! 

    Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good so far!

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  • @Jens_Hoes You've had a rough time of it lately, I'm glad you can think positively still. You're so strong! Don't worry about setting things up after the shower-- that's the fun part. It's so fun it'll fly by. We did the same and two weeks later we're back to being "done: and have nothing to do again. You've got this. ;)

    My weekend was rough emotionally. My mom isn't coming to see the baby because we didn't want her to stay with us or come right away (asked her to come 3 weeks after). It hurts my feelings a lot and makes me feel like a bad daughter, but everyone here has been so supportive, as have my friends and DH. I'm trying to move on. I have an therapy appointment tomorrow, so that'll be good just to get re-established with my provider. I don't feel like I need him now, but I'm always worried about PPD so I wanted to touch base with him in case I need him postpartum.
  • @Jens_Hoes so glad your day is looking up after the last few days! You survived sans bubble wrap!!

    @BabyMC517 thinking about the nursery can get so stressful! Just try to remember that even if its not finished before baby comes. They really don't use much of it for a couple months!

    @jayandaplus i'm so sorry to hear about your mom and they way she reacted. Does your DH family live near by, could that be what has her so upset? Still doesn't give her any right whatsoever, but i could see that if one mom lived far away and had to wait 3 weeks to see the baby but DH family lived in town and got to see the baby right away she could be jealous. Regardless of that, it comes down to whatever you and your DH feel comfortable with, and if that means having her wait 3 weeks she needs to respect your decision.

    I don't have much of an update. I just feel really off, I don't think I'm depressed, but feeling more anxious. I touched on it a bit in another thread but i had to go to the doctor because i just felt so strange, couldn't keep myself together, and was having strange pains. So doctor had me get labs done and I follow up tomorrow. The anxiousness is what has me so messed up at this point. So I'm just going to continue to try to stay away from stress and see how it goes.

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  • None of our family is close by except my sister. Thanks for the support.

    @BeachMommy2B I'm sorry to hear you've felt so off but I'm glad you have a doctor looking into it. Keep us posted. Thinking about you!
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