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2nd Trimester Check-In: Week of March 20


Re: 2nd Trimester Check-In: Week of March 20

  • @persnickity I've had some issues with low blood pressure but only when I changed positions too quickly! Crazy stuff!

    @colleen0516 I'm sorry that it happened to you as well! I'm hoping that it was the first and last time. 

    @rmarble23 Im sorry you failed the glucose test! I read an article recently that the accuracy of that test is only about 65% so try not to beat yourself up about it! I think the pregnancy hormones just make us more highly sensitive to things. I've felt the same way lately with money because I've been focused on my impending maternity leave. Tomorrow  is a new day and will be better! 
  • @rmarble23 I've got a friend who failed the 3 hour test as well. She said it was really overwhelming to hear the news, but the class was good. It reassured her that she'd be able to eat fairly normally and be fine. She actually ate her normal diet and checked her levels as instructed. She never once tested high. Outside of the hassle of testing, she said she was able to carry on like normal. Hopefully that helps to hear.
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  • Thanks @persnickity and @ARB425 today is a new day and I am just going to take it one day at a time for now and it will all be ok
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  • @rmarble23 Amen to that mantra! 

    My local GP phoned me last night to check I was ok after receiving a notification from the specialist about my issues with heartbeat and cervix. I thought that was really thoughtful and sweet, I love having a family doctor who actually cares and phones after hours to make sure I'm holding up alright. :)
  • @Nellin - that's so nice of your GP! That's gotta make you feel good knowing you are in caring hands!

    @rmarble23 - Sorry to hear this week has been rough - but you are absolutely right - one day at a time!

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  • @ARB425 I had a similar spell about 10 days ago. I was sitting in the chair at the hair dresser's- he had put a smock around me fairly tightly- well I was fine one minute, and then all of a sudden I got extremely dizzy and vision started to fade and I was overheating like crazy. I had him get my water, and he took the smock off and blew cold air down my neck. It happened again about 10 min later. It freaked me out but my OB said this can happen from time to time and she doesn't feel like its anything to worry about- just to make sure you sit down when it happens, so if you do faint, you don't fall. 
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    2/20: FET = BFN :(
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