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Weekend recap! 3/20

Monday already! What did everyone do over the weekend?

Re: Weekend recap! 3/20

  • Nothing overly exciting this weekend. Did a bunch of house chores and even managed to cook/prepare a few meals for the freezer when baby arrives. Raked a bunch of leaves, my mom came over and helped weed my front garden, husband did a bunch of yard / pool work too. We also tried a new taco place that opened by us, OMG it was amazing. Really that's all. Oh and we upgraded our daughters  2 gallon fish tank to a 10 gallon so a couple trips to the pet store too :)
  • On a side note, this time next week I'll be in the hospital for my scheduled c-section. So this will be my last time starting this thread. Anyone who is interested in taking over, feel free :) 
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  • @Bok Bagok Sounds like a nice productive weekend. And ahhh! That's so exciting! How are you feeling about it? Looking forward to hearing about how it went and seeing a pic or two??

    My weekend was productive. Cleaned the house. Had family over Saturday so DH could take them to the airport Sunday morning, early. Mom and dad are off to Jamaica for a week so baby girl is not allowed to come early. Got the nursery organized and bought remaining stuff with the completion discount. I didn't make progress on my thank you notes and still have almost forty more to write in the next couple of weeks. Yikes. But thankful for the reason I have to write them! 
  • @hgrich I wrote a little bit about how I feel in the weekly PGAL thread. Of course I'll update everyone with pictures next week :) And I'll still lurk to follow everyone's journeys even though I'm sure my posting will be minimal. 
    That's funny your parents are going away right before your due. My mom did the same thing! Lol. Made me want to go on a second babymoon!!
    Do you have everything you need now? 
  • @Bok Bagok yay! And yes--I've got just about all of it. Some of it won't arrive for another week but as long as it's nursery decor, that's fine. Of course as a FTM I may find that I need more of some things and have too many of others. But we will see! I do still need a few small things for the hospital bag and postpartum care. But I'll also find out at my Friday appointment what postpartum care supplies the birthing center will give me for free. 

    Oh and yes--my parents booked this vacation and then a few weeks later I told them I was pregnant and when I was due and my mother almost cancelled it. But I told her to just go--what are the chances? I do think this baby has dropped, but from what I know, first babies can do so up to six weeks prior to birth, so I'm not worried. :) 
  • @HGRich my mom was so hesitant to go on her vacation too. Like you said, chances are so slim you'll have her while they are gone.
    I hate packing the hospital bag. I can't stand the fine line between packing too much or too little. I did a decent job the first time around and this time I'm packing even less, I'm sure I could pack even less if I really wanted to be a minimalist. Last time I packed my makeup, yea that never happened. I'm still brining it this time though. The only thing I'm doing different this time is packing a newborn and a 3 month sized PJ for the baby. With our daughter my husband and I were so inexperienced  dressing a baby that we could not figure out how to get her into her newborn sized outfit. Thankfully, a family member had stopped by with a gift which happened to be a 3-6 month sleep and play outfit, so she went home in that. It's been three years since we dressed a newborn, so we are both looking at getting him into a newborn sized outfit as a challenge to prove ourselves :) 
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