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Need advice!!

I'm so happy to announce that I'm a week pregnant. We have been trying for the past 1 year. We are planning to throw a party for our friends next weekend. 
The only thing that I'm concerned now is about my oral health. I have been scheduled for teeth extraction and dental implants with a dentist in Oshawa on 27th. Since I'm pregnant I would like to know if I could extract my teeth and get implants now. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!! 

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    You should consult your OB and your dentist. They will know what medications would be used during the procedure and if those medications are safe during pregnancy. 

    If the procedure is for purely cosmetic reasons, if it were me, I would wait. 
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  • Your OB and dentist will have better answers. My dentist is "nicer" to pregnant people, I think because she wants to avoid procedures, if anything can be pushed off till after pregnancy.
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  • To me that sounds like it involves lots of painkillers and possibly xrays? I would take to both your Dr and the dentist to see if it's safe. Unless you absolutely have to have it done now, I would wait myself.
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  • Unless it's an emergency, most likely the Dentist won't do it. Most are pretty leery of pregnant women, lol. Aside from cleanings and things that HAVE to be done, they generally want you to wait until after baby. 
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  • I have scheduled an appointment with my OB on 24th to discuss this in details. 

    I'm not doing this for cosmetic reason. Two of my lower left teeth are severely damaged and my dentist suggested extracting them and getting dental implants. But I have consulted the dentist 3 weeks back. I was not pregnant then. So I'm confused now. Anyways thanks for the reply.  
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