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GTKY: How Did You Meet Your SO?

I'm going to try to do a weekly GTKY thread (since we usually have good participation with those), to liven up our board! This week's GTKY question: How Did You Meet Your SO? 

My husband and I met when we were 16, both working at McDonalds. He had recently moved into the neighborhood across the street from mine.  We got engaged at 18, moved in together at 19, and married at 23. We're both turning 35 this year, and completing our family with baby #4. He is truly my best friend & soulmate.  <3

Let's hear your love story! 

Re: GTKY: How Did You Meet Your SO?

  • @LivLew that gave me chills. And your English is perfect!
  • @jaclyngoldman Your story is awesome! Any time someone says that long distance relationships don't work I tell them that they do if you found the right person.
    I had 6 flights scheduled throughout this pregnancy. I already cancelled 2 trips (asked coworkers to go instead). I'm going to Sydney at 24 wks. I've been to Hong Kong and Vietnam before so I have some idea of crazy long flights but nothing like 23hs! Tips are welcome! I'm a bit scared! 
  • @LivLew @jaclyngoldman YAY for long distance love! I love defying the odds and having a story to tell :wink: Plus all the people who told me long distance never works when I was dating DH can now go screw themselves. 

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  • @smallbutmighty77 lolololololol that's hilarious
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