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*Sunday Ticker Change* 3/19

How far along are you?

How big is baby? 

Upcoming appointments this week?

Any new symptoms or changes?


GTKY: Which of your parents are you most like and why?

Me: 28 Him: 33
Married: Oct 2015
TTC #1: July 2016
BFP 10/22/16
Baby girl born 6/27/17

Re: *Sunday Ticker Change* 3/19

  • How far along are you?
    22 weeks

    How big is baby? 
    I never check 

    Upcoming appointments this week?

    Any new symptoms or changes?
    not really , rash is muCh better

    Rants: my SIL is a heartless B. 
    My Mum isn't feeling very well and I'm really worried.. she doesn't take care of herself. 
    Raves: SO Much has happened 
    1. H got the job (he wasn't looking they contacted him and it worked out we needed it honestly) 
    2.My Name is up in my Universiry  council board in the best possible spot, anyone who walks through the main corridor will see it, it's been on the news a few times too so that's awesome lol! 
    3. My maternity wardrobe is finally getting put together so can't wait to wear them and enjoy this pregnancy. 
    GTKY: Which of your parents are you most like and why?

    Looks wise I'm ditto my dad, (my mum is gorgeous so genes weren't in my favour lol) but I've been told personality wise I'm very fifty/fifty both parents. I am like Dad because: He has a temper, he's a very fair person, humanitarian, we like the same food, we like the same people and generally have the same opinion, comes across as smug, trustworthy, anti gossip. 
    Like mum: She's super fashionable has great taste, shes giving, stubborn, humanitarian, motivated, very forgiving, she's smug but can hide it well , she can handle anyone and has leadership skills. 
  • How far along are you? 25 weeks!

    How big is baby? A cauliflower 

    Upcoming appointments this week? Yup, Tuesday is my glucose test and Thursday is an OB appointment!

    Any new symptoms or changes? Not really, just waiting for the 3rd trimester to start sucking the life out of me. (Wow, dramatic much?)

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Nope

    GTKY: Which of your parents are you most like and why? I'd like to say neither. My dad is super selfish and lame and my mom "knows everything". Honestly I've got a 60/40 split, Mom winning. 
    married 7.18.12   DS1 4.29.13   EDD 11.23.14


    my happy boy

  • How far along are you?

    21 weeks

    How big is baby? 


    Upcoming appointments this week?

    Another ultrasound tomorrow to check the length/stability of my cervix. 

    Any new symptoms or changes?

    Nothing new


    Some members of DH's family have made some rude comments questioning our parenting/pregnancy decisions lately and it's hard not to be insulted.  Hooray in-laws, amiright?!

    GTKY: Which of your parents are you most like and why?

    I am my mom in so many ways- very sensitive, similar interests, outgoing personality, and meaningful conversation is definitely our love language.  My dad is a bit of an overachiever and a bit stubborn and I definitely got those qualities from him.  Love both of them so much.
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  • @lph4248 I used to majorly roll my eyes at sound machines, but we ended up using one for DS (I have a lot of excuses for that, but meh). Anyway, we bring him and his machine into our room early mornings, and I sleep soooo much better with that thing in the room. There are good, free apps for your phone/tablet. Might help, if you haven't tried it already?
  • XathXath
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    @virginiaunicorn11 I'm so glad you get to be with your grandmother on her birthday.  My Gran has also started to have some health issues since we moved overseas, and I share many of those fears.  I hope you have a wonderful trip.  

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  • How far along are you? 21 weeks

    How big is baby? an endive? Come on bump is that the best you could come up with?

    Upcoming appointments this week? breast surgeon on Tuesday, looking forward to having that over with.

    Any new symptoms or changes?  not really... my hips don't feel great and I feel that I'm growing at an alarming rate but generally I think I'm in that honeymoon phase of pregnancy.

    Rants/Raves/Questions? I found a PPB diaper bag I NEED on a local sales page, and she hasn't responded to me in 7 hours. Come onnnn lady, take my money.  

      I have to say neither. I have pretty bad anxiety issues like my mom (though hers are not acknowledged) but otherwise nope, nope, and nope.
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  • Thanks, @Xath! And I am so happy to see your positive health updates (for the most part)!!! Fingers crossed this trend continues and you can get your sugar fix on Friday.
  • @virginiaunicorn11 they are amazing! I have two. I still wake up if I'm not in deep sleep. It's incredible, I wish I could harness my powers of instantaneous fight-or-flight mode for good.
    ~DD arrived July 4, 2017~
  • How far along are you? 23 weeks 

    How big is baby? chinchilla!

    Upcoming appointments this week? not until next week

    Any new symptoms or changes? baby is kicking around A LOT lately. No lightning crotch yet though! So much to look forward to...

    Rants/Raves/Questions? has anyone managed to control body breakouts? Sorry if this has been addressed in a previous thread! 

    GTKY: Which of your parents are you most like and why? 
    I look more like my mom, but have my dad's bad eyes and teeth (seriously, I broke a molar in half while eating bread... on more than one occasion). Personality-wise, I have my mom's enthusiasm for helping people, and her love of nature and all animals. I have my dad's social anxiety and moodiness. I try not to be a defensive know-it-all like both of them can be, but not always successful with that.  :|
  • @manillabar Sorry you’re joining team lightning crotch 

    @virginiaunicorn11 Hope you have a good visit for your grandmother’s birthday

    @satsumasandlemons I feel you on the work stress. I’m just pretending it’s all going to work out fine, but I guess I need to start realistically planning. 

  • How far along are you? 22 weeks

    How big is baby? Coconut

    Upcoming appointments this week? Nope

    Any new symptoms or changes? Nosebleeds came back with vengeance this past week. Probably partly due to the swinging temperatures, but still super annoying

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Semi-Rant: My MIL was originally not planning to come for the birth of the baby. She lives in another country, so logistics are a bit tough. But now she has changed her mind and wants to come. At this point I’ve at least got it to where she will come a couple days after the birth instead with booking a last minute ticket. But the idea of her coming so early still stresses me out a bit. My husband is firmly in the camp of doing whatever I am comfortable with, but I feel like saying no to her meeting her first (and probably only) grandchild as a newborn is not reasonable. Thinking having her stay in a hotel or someone else’s house rather than ours will be the best way to make it work. Trying to not dwell on it too much as there is still plenty of time to figure out logistics, just wasn’t expecting this.

    GTKY: Which of your parents are you most like and why? Looks-wise I’m a pretty even blend. People think I look like whoever I happened to be standing next to. Personality-wise, I definitely favor my mom. Although athletic ability definitely comes from my dad’s side. 

  • @carol113 You have every right to ask guests to stay in a hotel!  I'd only have people stay with us if I truly believe they'd make my life easier by cooking for us and helping out.  That's great that your husband is supporting you.  I know it's an awkward decision, totally been there.
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  • @carol113 after a lengthy discussion/negotiation, I just booked my mom's ticket using my miles so she can come out here for 3.5 weeks after the baby is born. 

    We live with my inlaws. My mom couldn't even afford the ticket to come out here so asking her to stay in a hotel is out of the question. The idea of having my mom and MIL under the same roof for a month is already stressing me out.  
  • How far along are you? 24 weeks! Times flying by!

    How big is baby? Apparently it's a cantaloupe. It certainly feels like a cantaloupe is in my belly.  

    Upcoming appointments this week? Nothing this week

    Any new symptoms or changes? It's harder to get comfortable when I sleep. Some nights I toss and turn. The round ligament pain is awful. When a really bad one hits I have to breath through it and move slowly. 

    Rants/Raves/Questions? I had my appointment at the reproductive mental health clinic last week and the doc put me back on my medication. Maybe it's just a placebo effect, but I swear I'm already feeling better. I'm looking forward to enjoying the remainder of this pregnancy. 

    GTKY: Which of your parents are you most like and why? 
    I've been told I take a lot of physical traits from my dad, but I think i'm pretty unique from my parents. Theres a lot of similarities between my grandma on my mom's side and myself; we have the same smile and we both worry to much!
  • @Twinkiedoll I have scoliosis, too. I'm glad you're getting PT for it. My first pregnancy, actually all the relaxin made my back feel better than not pregnant. That's definitely not the case this time, unfortunately!
  • Hi all! I usually post on the PGAL  checking but thought things are good so should move to my day during the week.

    How far along are you?23 weeks 

    How big is baby? Coconut? 

    Upcoming appointments this week?
    Not until April 
    Any new symptoms or changes? TTM and feeling pretty good. No complaints. 

    Rants/Raves/Questions?RLP has begun in one spot on my left but nothing major. Honestly this has been a breeze compared to my others so I'm nervous for the ball to drop lol. 

    GTKY: Which of your parents are you most like and why? My dad.. stubborn and big heart! In my genes I suppose
  • How far along are you?

    How big is baby? 
    corn on the cob! It makes me want some to eat, but our corn season won't happen until after baby is born.

    Upcoming appointments this week?

    Any new symptoms or changes?
    Nothing new from last week

    I'm starting to put together a pre-maternity-leave to-do list (rather than keeping it all in my brain) so I want to thank @satsumasandlemons again for starting that thread.

    GTKY: Which of your parents are you most like and why?
    I love this question
    For the most part, I am more like my dad. We're both pretty laid-back, we're both introverts (we get our energy back from solitude, but are ok to converse with strangers for an extended period of time) and our sense of humor is absolutely the same (sitting close to Fozzie the Bear with corny dad jokes and puns). I look more like my mom, and while I don't fly off the handle like her in terms of extended anger; I do blow up like her sometimes. Just not for very long, and less so.
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