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Intro? Lurking?

Hey, all!
I have been lurking for a few weeks, but really wasn't sure when to intro myself. I have been wanting to jump in and decided to go ahead on a post tonight, so figured it was time to intro!

So, hi! I'm Audrey. I have a previous IVF cycle that resulted in frozen embryos. Due to scheduling (AKA I'm a teacher), I am just dealing with severe baby fever until end of May/beginning of June. 
I DO have some fertility issues (unicornuate uterus), though my main reason for IVF is due to being married to DW for 2+ years. Obviously, no chance of natural pregnancy. 
I have enjoyed reading the board and am looking forward to being an active part of it. 
Looking forward to getting to know each of you! 

Re: Intro? Lurking?

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