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  • My nose is soooo coworker wears the weirdest perfume/uses the weirdest laundry soap and its killing me! I'm sniffing orange essential oil all day trying not to smell it and I know I never would have noticed it before.  
    My MS comes in phases.  I'll have a few good days followed by a few days where I have nausea all day and night long
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    @canonmom413 I cry everytime we watch Moana and we watch it A LOT lol. My emotions are definitely on edge.

    So, 11w 2d and I've got 3 random new symptoms. Tonight I have a headache, which I never have (pregnant or not). My sense of smell has gotten sooo sensitive since the weekend. That happened pretty early with DD, but it just hit me with this one. I seriously couldn't stop gagging when I was trying to help DD wipe after she pooped this weekend lol. Also, B.O.! Ugh, I try to wear aluminum free deodorant, and I've never had a dire need for deodorant, so it holds me fine. Like, if I were to forget to put on deodorant, it wouldn't be a big deal lol. Well, not anymore! I did put on my aluminum free deodorant this morning and omg I smelled like a man by the afternoon lol. Looks like I need to find something else...and I definitely can't forget to wear it
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  • GERD, not just heartburn any more. Looks like I need to change my eating habits completely this pregnancy, and find a way to elevate my bed or mattress, which won't really work with a 2 and a half year old that still climbs in with Mommy and Daddy a few nights a week or at least in the morning. I might need to figure out how to sleep sitting up.

  • I remember the good old days when I had zero nausea and everyone told me that since I made it to week 10 without it, I was in the clear. 

    I think I have this curse too, never sick or nauseated...until I hit 11 weeks, last couple of days, woke up trying not to vomit
  • Ugh. I thought I was done with the gross tasting burps. But they're back this evening with a vengeance. So gross!!!
  • At my wits end with symptoms. Overwhelming nausea that doesn't abate all day long. The only way I can eat is if I take Zofran. Nothing tastes good or will stay down. Getting terribly bloated from all the unhealthy stuff I'm eating just so I can eat SOMETHING. 

    Dry heaving for about 20 minutes in the morning and then throwing up throughout the day because of all my coworkers terrible smells. 

    Also having to take colace every other day so I can actually use the bathroom. 

    I'm just miserable at this point and hoping some magic switch flips at 12 weeks and I can be human again. And that I can feel less guilty for being so ungrateful for something I have wanted for so long. 
  • GenTKGenTK
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    Okay I have a list but all in all it comes down to one thing...


    Like everywhere. I can deal with the fatigue, the ms, the weird food, all of it... but this itching I can't deal with at all! Like my entire body, different spots randomly not my entire body all at once. Sometimes I'll see a little bump and think insect bite, other times nothing at all just itch. My DD has been in my bed a lot with DH gone and she's not having it so I really don't think it's any type of insect. 

    Has as anyone else felt like their skin is waaaaaay more sensitive? Like I'm thinking about starting to buy Dreft now and wash all of MY stuff in it and see if that helps. I don't know what's up but I'm going crazy.
  •  Sick sick sick. I'm eight weeks and five days. I have low iron anaemia when I am pregnant which takes the usual pregnancy exhaustion to a whole other level and I've been throwing up every day for the last couple of days . On one hand I am thankful that I don't have to go to work every day but being the one solely responsible for my one-year-old all day long  is so exhausting I literally had a panic attack the other day because I have no option other than to be up all day with him when all I wanted do is sleep.  At least what I was at work during my first pregnancy I was able to call in sick if I was throwing up I close my eyes at my desk for five minutes. Having a hard time feeling positive these days 
  • I'm 8w today. The usual suspects (nausea, sore boobs, constant exhaustion) are still hanging around, but in the last week I've noticed that my sense of smell is a lot stronger. I'm having mega weird dreams almost every single night. I'm still a bit backed up with phlegm in my throat, and lately my nipples have become a bit itchy. 

    One thing that surprises me is my lack of tears. I'm normally a pretty emotional person, so I just expected that once (and if) I ever got pregnant, I'd be crying all the time. So far? Not at all!
  • @keiraanne I'm not crying, either (I did CONSTANTLY last pregnancy; once over a lentil documentary and how much I love lentils)! No real hard mood swings, though I do get mad much easier than usual. I'm a steady person with an even temper so the little bit of rage is always a surprise!

    I'm starting to feel like my centre of gravity is shifting already. My organs are moving, yes? I can find the heartbeat with the doppler no problem and it is higher than before, so I assume yes things are moving on up? I almost fall every time I get in and out of my slippers.
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    @reneeannemm Yeah I kinda feel the same way - not too swingy with my moods either, but it doesn't take very much at all for someone to get under my skin!
  • I'm 11w2d, and for some reason I'll feel hungry and then when I sit down to eat I take like 4 bites and loose my appetite, and I don't feel sick but I feel like the 4 bites I take are about to come right back up...
  • mrs_fogue said:

    canonmom413riverraine  Moana is our new favorite.  And yes I cried.  Then watched it again and cried even more when I realized that was Grandma heading off with her.  And now I'm crying just thinking about it.

    But seriously, I sorta want to buy the sound track because the songs are so good. 

    I've been looking up the songs on YouTube because I'm super cool like that. I love them too! At first I hated the "shiny" crab guy song but I kind of love it now lol

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  • I just want to feel good again!!!!! 7 straight weeks of nausea is starting to bring me down. I'm ready for the magical second trimester. 
  • I just feel like crap. All the time. Nauseous or hungry or tired...the last few days I've been on the verge of a headache. And I just want my clothes to fit again!
  • So I'm at the end of my 10th week of pregnancy. I had like a good long one full week relief from MS and though that I was for sure over that symptom ....... 
    well rhas not the case. It's back full blown possibly even worse. 
    My fatigue is back stronger than ever. 
    I am disgustingly bloated. I don't recognize my tummy anymore. I was never like heavy or too overweight. I would say I was just healthy and had meat on my bones (; but now I'm feeling like an ugly blob of bloat and my emotions are all over the place. 
  • Sore throat at night/mornings! The past month (now 11+3) I have been waking up in the night with a dry/sore/burning throat. It's the same first thing in the morning, too. As soon as I drink water it's fine. I didn't have this with my pregnancy but I am sure it's pregnancy related!
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