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    @DarkSerendipity I'm so glad you and baby are doing well. How scary! 
  • @DarkSerendipity that sounds so scary, but I'm so glad to hear you are home and well!! 

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  • @DarkSerendipity how scary! So sorry you had to go through that. I am glad you are home. Feel better soon!
  • @DarkSerendipity I'm glad you and baby are ok! How scary.  
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  • Happy anniversary @oheliza44!

    So glad they got you back on track @DarkSerendipity! That sounds so scary!!!

    My mom called us to come over and surprised us with probably 12 outfits for the baby! Score!

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  • This weekend will be for relaxing. Maybe doing some more registry additions. I got a letter yesterday from my college saying that I have commencement in May and it completely took me by surprise! I thought i didn't qualify for commencement because I didn't do a degree program, but I guess I do! So now DH and I have to plan for both of our commencements! Luckily they aren't on the same day. 

    Maybe DH and I will have a date night tonight and go see Beauty and the Beast. We need a date night.
  • @DarkSerendipity Wow, I'm glad they got the contractions under control!  I hope you get some time to relax and destress!
  • @oheliza44 happy anniversary!

    @DarkSerendipity That is terrifying! I'm glad they got the contractions calmed down and baby is still baking!
  • @oheliza44 happy anniversary! Hope you two enjoy it!

    @DarkSerendipity that sounds so scary. I'm glad you're feeling better and that your baby is staying put for now!

    @ktewart those cupcakes look amazing! Hope you made some for you to keep for yourself lol

    The weather's crappy today so we're staying in. I'm studying (sorta) and finishing up some work. ...And apparently having a pointless argument with my parents -_- 

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  • Oh my goodness, @DarkSerendipity! Glad you and the baby are ok!

    @AdaByron - Hope the pain gets better.
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  • @DarkSerendipity I'm glad that that things are looking better. Good thoughts and vibes!

    I just went on a very short bike ride with my husband for the first time since summer. We are big mountain and road bike people, and I have been itching to get back out and ride. Today was so nice and I felt pretty good, so we went for about a mile. It was so nice! I will probably be asleep at 8:00 tonight because of it, but it was worth it!
  • Weekend plans just kind of went down the toilet for us.  We were originally going to check out paint samples in the nursery, and do some shopping for DH's cousin's baby shower next weekend, but we had a health scare (again) with DH last night.  He went to extremely low temps last night (93 degree range), and we had to work to get it back up.  His temp came back up (thankfully), but now we don't want to leave the house in the cold weather.  So, online shopping, and pushing off the paint samples until the spring.  Plus, it's snowing (again), and we're just done.  Tomorrow, we're going to my mom's for corned beef and cabbage (as long as DH's temp stays up).

    On a side note, DS found this game called "Red Ball," and he isn't doing very well playing it, so he keeps whining.  I am thisclose to deleting it forever.
  • Today: DH attended a kids birthday party for us (sans our kids, it's his friend from HS) while I took the kids to an indoor jumping playground with my parents (we had already planned this visit before receiving the party invite). 

    Tomorrow: maybe go on a hike or maybe have DH take the kids on a hike while I lay on the couch for a few hours... that's about it. 
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  • Well, returning the gift to BRU turned into walking around there for a while, then walking around BBB because we were close to one and I had never been. Then we went to Olive Garden for lunch (bread sticks and Alfredo, YUM) which turned into me napping on the couch for a while. lol. We are going to see Beauty and the Beast here in like 15 min though!
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  • @Twinkiedoll we stayed there a few years ago in one of the cottages and it was amazing. Absolutely loved the resort. We had every intention of driving around the island but never even left until we flew back home. 
  • My husband's aunt is in town for the weekend. They went to Topgolf so im home with the kids because our ds goes to bed at 7 on the dot. He is not a night owl and loves his crib. So I'm watching a movie in bed and cuddling with my daughter. It would have been nice to go but sometimes these moments are way better.

    @DarkSerendipity ;So glad you and baby are okay. Definitely get some rest and take it easy.

    @chiquita928 wow thats scary too. Glad to hear his temp is back up. Hopefully it will stay okay and yall can leave tomorrow for your moms.
  • @DarkSerendipity I'm glad they got everything under control! 

    I've been really lazy today,  but tonight and tomorrow I have to get my grading done.  Report cards go out next week and tomorrow is the last day of my spring Break. 
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  • Rae1 said:
    Well, returning the gift to BRU turned into walking around there for a while, then walking around BBB because we were close to one and I had never been. Then we went to Olive Garden for lunch (bread sticks and Alfredo, YUM) which turned into me napping on the couch for a while. lol. We are going to see Beauty and the Beast here in like 15 min though!
    Jealous of Beauty and the Beast! Let us know what you think. I want to see it sooo bad!!
  • Since DH is out of town this weekend, DD and I have been having a girl's weekend. We're in the theater we have now watching Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. 
  • @DarkSerendipity I am so glad they got your uterus to stop contracting so baby can cook for awhile longer! 

    Today I had a spa day (massage, facial and pedicure) with my friend who is also expecting. Tomorrow we are picking out granite for the kitchen countertops as the soapstone we currently have is too much maintenance and scratches so easily! 
  • DH leaves to go out of town for a couple weeks so it will be just me and the boys, other than that just boring adult things like Costco this weekend! 

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  • @chiquita928 sorry for the scare with your husband's temperature.  I'm glad it stabilized and hope tomorrow goes better!
  • The sun finally came out for the first time in about 2 weeks, so boyfriend and I went for a nice walk around the neighbourhood and my back didn't end up hurting too badly this time. 

    @rae Now I want Olive Garden! I worked there for over a year back in the day, and I never grew tired of that alfredo sauce!
  • I'm glad you and baby are ok @DarkSerendipity

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    Just now now catching up on this thread...

    @DarkSerendipity So glad you and baby are good!

    @Rae1 Mmmm, Olive Garden and Beauty and the Beast! Sounds like a good day!

    @PurplePoppy424 DH is out of town over here too. DD and I took advantage and had a girls day out with my mom and sisters, so it's helping me feel not so resentful that DH is having fun in Florida without us... 

    @oheliza44 Happy Anniversary!!

    @maybeitsmadeline Grandparents are the best at that!! ;) I swear every time DD goes to my mom's house she comes home with a new outfit or toy...
    Hope you made lots of progress on the nursery! 

    @AdaByron Hope your pain is gone! That sounds like a terrible start to the weekend!

    @ktewart Those cupcakes look gorgeous!!

    @LoveLee85 Hope you had a wonderful date night!
  • @DarkSerendipity So glad you and baby are doing good. Good vibes that everything continues that way.
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  • @DarkSerendipity How scary! Glad baby is doing well and still cooking. 

    @oheliza44 Hope your anniversary dinner was fantastic. 

    @ktewart Jealous of your decorating skills on those cupcakes! The look awesome
  • When is the "normal" time for maternity pictures? With #1 we waited until June I think and she was born in July but money was super tight and that's when we finally were able to afford it. I was more swollen and uncomfortable then as opposed to feeling good about being pregnant so I'm hoping to avoid that 
  • I advise my clients to schedule between 28-34 weeks. You want a really good baby bump but not far enough along to be uncomfortable. 
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  • oheliza44oheliza44
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    DH accidentally set our house alarm off this morning-talk about heart attack! It obviously woke the baby up as well because I got the strongest kick in my stomach- almost as if it was trying to jump through my throat. 

    @ktewart our cupcakes look amazing!!! How'd the Bach party go?
  • @oheliza44, thanks for asking! It actually was a lot of fun! Not usually my scene, if I'm being honest, especially since I can't fully partake in the festivities at the moment, but it was very low key and small, which made it enjoyable, and my friend had a blast, which is, of course, what matters.

    And the cupcakes were everything my pregnant heart desired, so there's that!  :D
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  • I've done a whole lot of nothing this weekend! 
    I think I'm coming down with a cold, too.

    Two weeks ago, my temperamental water heater went out, and after still having to reset it every other day, it was completely dead again this morning. I called the emergency plumber line because I can't stay home another day to deal with this tomorrow. Supposedly he fixed it - again - and now there is only one more part that can go, he tells me! Even so, I got a quote to get a new one installed, but I'd rather get a gas-fueled one, which means having the utility pipe it in from the street and going without water for the 3-7 days in between. Just what big fat pregnant me is going to need later in the year, huh?

    So while he was here, I was reminded that we also need to do something about a broken pipe under my bathroom sink, and the reason that I haven't gotten that taken care of yet: It's because they have to open the wall in the baby's room to access it, and I've still had my dresser in front of that part of the wall since the issue started a year ago!

    OMG, we were originally planning to repaint that room next weekend!! I can't believe I forgot all about that!!  :s

    Now I'm not sure if we are going to paint or not, but we may need to after the wall is patched anyway! 

    All I did yesterday was online shop for rugs for that room in case we decided to leave the walls grey... Now I have 14 in my cart!
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    Highly monitored internet and no cell service in the office, so I'm postin' and ghostin' while I'm workin' 
  • @GlitterFish - your post made me chuckle. Sounds like stuff at our house - there's just alwayyyys something that comes up! Good luck narrowing down the rugs! The walls in baby's room are a greenish-blue color and we're not painting so I think I'm gonna accent in gray and maybe a pale yellow. I support not painting. It's a pain in the butt. 
  • @abmommy15 You've dashed my hopes of easily finding things in matching navy blues! I need to find a paint that matches a bedspread and curtains that match both. 

    @ktewart I love to bake! Those cupcakes looked great. For my son's first birthday in January I made these amazing peanut butter cup cupcakes-- chocolate cupcakes (modified from the original recipe) with a Reese's cup baked into each and peanut butter frosting with crushed Reese's crumbled on top. Cupcakes can be so fun!

    @DarkSerendipity So glad everything worked out and that your little guy is still baking! 

    @oheliza44 Happy anniversary! 

    @Twinkiedoll My stepbrother and his fiance are getting married at Turtle Bay in June. I was so excited about going... until I got my BFP. Wedding is late June, baby's due early July so I can't go to the wedding after all. So bummed! 

    I want to see Beauty and the Beast! Jealous of all of you going this weekend. 

    My husband is a high school teacher and they're on Spring Break so we're on vacation! Drove down to the Central CA coast yesterday. The weather is not ideal but our little Airbnb is awesome and we're already having a great time. I'm headed for a nap :)
  • @ktewart that cupcake looks amazing.... I can never believe how people can get the frosting to look so perfect! 

    @oheliza44 happy anniversary! 

    @DarkSerendipity holy cow, how stressful. I'm so glad you are OK and that baby is still on board! 

    @AdaByron I hope you're feeling all better! 

    We spent all yesterday scrubbing our house from top to bottom for some potential tenants to view this morning. Got a crazy backache from carrying the mop bucket all over the house. And then the people didn't even show up this morning. Harumph. But at least our house is sparkly! Today we went to a "pet festival" at a local park and petted every dog, and tonight will be pizza and the new episode of Legion. Has anyone else been watching it? 
  • I way overdid it today. I pretty much scrubbed the entire kitchen from top to bottom, rearranged where things are store, and reorganized the pantry. I didn't get to finish what I wanted to do (sweep and mop the kitchen) because we're out of the wet jet pads. I'm actually kind of glad I had to stop. My hips and lower back have been tell me how angry they are. So that's fun...
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  • @DarkSerendipity Glad everything is okay

    @Chamomile Maternity leave means you aren't working. How dare they ask you to work on a project while you are on leave. Defeats the purpose of leave! I would be so pissed. Maternity leave is hardly a vacation! So rude! What did you say?
  • Totally random, but wanted you guys to share in my pain. My chiweenie keeps farting and looking back like she's surprised. Wtf. Do they not know it's them?
    Omg I'm sitting here right now and my dog just farted and it smells so bad. He always does the same thing, he will look back at me like "wtf was that?!" Lol kills me 
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  • Totally random, but wanted you guys to share in my pain. My chiweenie keeps farting and looking back like she's surprised. Wtf. Do they not know it's them?
    My beagle does that all the time! The worst part of hers though is they smell so bad. 
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