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Advise/ support from a micro preemie mom

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Hi, this board is so quiet! I just wanted to reach out to whomever may be seeking advice/ support. 
My DD was born at 27 wks 4 days, 1lb 12ounces 14.5 inches long. She spent 9 1/2 wks in the NICU. 
She is now 17 months (14 adj) 22lbs, 32 inches and aside from 2 hernias she is in amazing health.
We have been through a lot, not as much as some. I really didn't have anyone to seek advise from, I had to research all my questions and got very few answers and more questions. My DD's pedi wasn't much help so I felt like we were on our own pretty much. We just had to figure it out, sometimes the hard way. 
So if you're reading this and have questions or need advise please feel free to send me a message. I don't get notifications when someone has replied so there's a better chance of me getting your message.
Micro Preemies are amazing little fighters, they don't give up so we can't either.
Peace and Love from one preemie parent to another.

31 yrs. /DH 38 yrs.
SI TTC 7 months 
DD born 10/2015 @ 27 wks. 4 days > severe pre-e (TTC 1yr.)
Hystero./Laproscopy/Ovarian Drilling/ D&C/ HSG (2/2015)
DX: Moderate Endo./ PCOS/ Diminished Ovarian Reserve(1.2 amh)/ Low Morphology (0%)
HSG (3/2017)- All Clear
RX: Follistim (75iu)/ Trigger/ IUI/ Progesterone
Starting 1st IUI cycle Friday 4/28

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