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Siblings + Cousins

Let's hear about those families!! 

How many brothers or sisters will your new LO have (or will he or she be the first)? Age differences? 

How many cousins? Or is it the first for your family? 

Re: Siblings + Cousins

  • My LO will have 3 older siblings!

    My LOs have no first cousins and may not have any in the near or even distant future, as my sister is a child free by choicer and DH's brother is forever single.  They do have about 6 third cousins, but most of them are on opposite ends of the country from us.  So, we have tried to make our neighbor and community their "family".
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    This LO is going to be blessed with a ton of siblings.   I have a 7 year old son and a 4 year old son.  My SO has a 12 y/o daughter and 9, 6, and 3 year old boys. We are hoping for a girl, but will be thrilled with a boy as well.  *All signs are pointing to a boy too*

    I have two older sisters.  My oldest sister has 2 kids 17 and 15,  My middle sister has 3.  20 (with a newborn of her own), 17, and 13. 
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  • This LO will have 2 older sisters. 
    There will be direct 3 cousins on my side. None on DHs side. There will be 9 second cousins on my side ( cousins kids) and 6 on DHs side. 

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  • These lil ones will have 1 older sister thats 2 now and 5 much older cousins (ranging from 10 to 13).

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  • DD just turned 3 and will be almost 4 when this LO arrives. It wasn't on purpose, but it's pretty much the exact age difference between my brother and I.

    She currently has a cousin (boy) who is 3 months older than her (ohhhhhh the fun they have when we have him over for sleepovers!) and a cousin (girl) who turns 2 this summer. They're both from my brother and SIL. Other BIL and SIL are currently TTC so I'm reallyyyyyyy hoping something comes through soon so this LO can have a cousin close in age, too!

    Minor back story - both of my parents are "oopsies" so my cousins are all, at minimum (no exaggeration) about 20 years older than me. Much closer to my parents' age than my age. I'm the youngest and the only girl on one side at all. So I feel like I missed out on a lot of the family fun when I was a little and love that DD gets along so well with her two cousins!
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  • 2 older sisters

    total cousins: 9

    on my side - my parents have gone from 0 to 6 grandchildren in 4 years. this one making #6. :open_mouth:
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  • Siblings - 1 Brother, 3 year age difference

    Cousins - 1 Cousin on my side, 22 month age difference; 6 Cousins on DH's side ages 18, 15, 9, 8, 7, 5
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  • No siblings for LO, unless you count fur-siblings :)  He/she has two cousins: my sister's son (4 yr old) and H's brother's son (will be 9).
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  • Siblings: 1 older sister who will be almost 2.5 when this one arrives.

    No cousins. My brother can barely take care of himself and DH's brother doesn't believe in marriage and thinks children are a mistake. (He's a real winner..and wonders why he's single). 
  • No siblings as this is my first but it'll have two male cousins from my side, 5 & 6 and a female cousin from my husband's side, she'll be 2.
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    I don't have any siblings and this is our first child. My husband has a sister but she's not a part of our lives and is not anywhere close to having children. Just my parents-in-law and my beloved grandma for family for us.

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  • This LO will have 2 excited big sisters and no cousins for the foreseeable future. DH and I are both oldest children and have decent gaps in age with our siblings so cousins probably won't be happening anytime soon. 

  • No siblings for this LO, but my sister has a 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son, so they will be 7 and 5 when mine is born, and on Dh's side, they have an 8 yo son, 5 yo daughter, and 1 day old son, so our LO will have one cousin born in the same year, yay! Lol. Overall 5 cousins!! 

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  • LO will have an older brother, he'll be 2.5 when this one arrives. 

    Cousins: 4 total. One on my side (same-ish age as DS) and three on DH's side, ages 10 and 6yo twins.

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  • This LO is due 1 day before my son's second birthday LOL. I guess we like to get frisky in January?!  :D and my husband's twin brother & his wife are expecting their first baby in June of this year!!! And our very closest best friends that we see more than anyone are having a baby boy in May! So many babies will be joining us this year! <3 

    i love seeing all the variety in family sizes <3 :) 
  • This LO will have a big brother. 

    My sister has a daughter and two step-daughters (7, 10 and 14). SO is an only child, so no cousins on his side. 
  • LO will have a big sister, 3.5 years old. No cousins anytime soon since my brother isn't in a relationship and my sister is young. DHs siblings are no where near having kids...maybe ever.
  • This little one will have 1 older brother who will be 3 and a half when this one comes and then 5 older cousins from one of my sisters, 4 girls and 1 boy ranging from 17 down to 9 and then my brother has 3 boys ranging from 4 to almost a year. I keep hoping my oldest sister will finally get her miracle baby but I don't know at this point, she's been trying for going on 20 years. Then my other sister I hope will finally give up on the loser she's been with for 3 years and find someone decent that actually wants to get married and have kids, and my final sister will never have her own kids but seems to adopt different people and kids all the time. Lol. Not to mention my husband's 3 sisters with 8 kids between them and their kid's kids because his oldest sister is old enough to be his mom. And my extended huge family of second cousins.

  • Siblings: 1 sister, almost 3.5 years apart.

    Cousins: none on DH's side, on my side 5 cousins, who will be 5, 4, 3, 1.5, and 6 weeks when LO arrives.
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  • This baby will have a big brother who will be almost 2.5 years older. 

    On DH's side he/she will have 4 girl cousins and 2 boy cousins. 

    On my side he/she will have 2 boy cousins, 1 girl cousin, and 1 we don't know yet (my brother and his wife are due in May)
  • This is our first baby, so no siblings (yet).

    H's older brother and his wife have two kids. Our nephew will turn 3 in October, and our niece will be 1 in September. Fall is going to be a busy time for H's parents, haha. We also each have a younger brother, so hopefully there will be more cousins in the future. This is the first grandbaby for my parents.
  • kdel921kdel921
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    LO will be a first all around! This is our first child and my brother doesn't have any kids yet so no cousins. If fur siblings count then LO will have a few of those! :smile:
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  • Siblings: older sister, will be three years

    Cousins: 1 cousin, he will be 4.5 when LO is born.

    And that will probably be it. Technically, there's some "step cousins" in there but family drama blah blah blah haven't talked to them in years.

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  • This is our second baby. We already have a 14.5 month old daughter.

    As far as cousins, he/she will be the 5th grandchild on both sides. And so far we only have girls! 3 and under on my side and 11 and under on my husband's side. We are all praying for a boy lol! 
  • This one will have 2 older brothers and 0 first cousins (will have to wait a while for a first cousin as the only potential so far is just starting college and doesn't seem ready to settle down anytime soon). Looking at 4 second cousins at the moment but probably more coming soon as my cousins are all getting married and starting that phase in life! 
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  • LO will have an older brother and 7 female cousins!
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  • Our LO is our first, so no siblings.

    DH's sister has one daughter who is 16 months right now.  We are glad they will be relatively close in age!
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  • This LO will have a big brother (3 yrs) and big sister (5yrs). 

    He/she will also have 4 cousins. (2 girls and 2 boys)

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  • Our little ones will have an older brother who will be 3.5 When they are born. 

    They will also have 7 cousins between our two families. 
  • Siblings: none, this one is our first baby!

    Cousins: From my husband's older sister, baby will have a 5 year old girl cousin and a 3 year old boy cousin. And a 8 year old boy and 5 year old girl 2nd cousins from my husband's 1st cousin. My brother is 17, so hopefully no cousins on that side for a good while. 
  • This LO will have a big sister who will turn 2 around the time LO is born and a girl cousin who will be 8. 
  • KSweetKSweet
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    This LO will have three older brothers and four older sisters; oldest will be 14 and youngest will be 19 months. I'm an only child so no cousins on that side. 13 cousins on my husband's side. 
  • LO will have one brother who will have just turned 4. 

    As far as cousins there are 4, 3 girls and 1 boy. 
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  • My LO will have a teenage stepbrother and nearly teenage stepdaughter.
    LO will also have super awesome 5 year old twin boy cousins and another baby boy cousin who'll be 1 1/2 years.  
  • One older brother Charlie. 22 months apart.When he was born it was a huge deal that he was a boy! My husband and I are the youngest in our families so the last to have kids and all cousins on both sides are girls. 4 cousins total. Secretly hoping for another little boy!
  • These two will have two older brothers and 6 cousins ranging in age from 1-13. 

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  • This is my first baby but will have 1 cousin on one side of the family (My husband's sister is having a baby a little more than two months before mine is due) and twin cousins on the other side (boy/girl my sisters babies who will be about 9 months older) 
  • @MamaStreeter  this is us too! This baby is born one day before DS's second birthday!

    So this baby will have one older brother (2 yrs) and no cousins...DH is an only child and my brother is single/not sure he wants kids.
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  • *I was coming back to this thread and forgot*

    LO will have an older sister they will be close to 3 years apart.  It will also have 8 cousins by the time it's born.  One will just be 1 month older. 

  • This LO will have 2 sisters and a brother

    My brother has 4 step kids (1 boy and 3 girls), a bio daughter and another one on the way in October. My SIL has 1 boy and another that will be here next month. So that makes 7 cousins 
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