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Don't feel pregnant

I just don't feel pregnant.  I just feel like myself with some weird stomach sensations every once in awhile.  I almost wish that I felt worse so I wouldn't be so worried. 
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Re: Don't feel pregnant

  • It's perfectly normal to not have symptoms.  Don't stress Momma, and be thankful you are lucky enough to not been sick all the time.  I've had pregnancies where I was constantly sick and ones where I would have never known I was pregnant if not for taking a test.   Symptoms will come later too. 
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  • I had one week...week 6-7 where I felt awful bit now I'm the exact same.  Pretty much no symptoms other than more tired.  But I saw a strong heartbeat yesterday so I know there's a babe in's just being kind to me!
  • @Knottie91346322 I'm at 11 weeks now have actually started to feel better in the evenings especially. I got used to the bad symptoms and now feel nervous that I'm not as bloated all the time. But like others have said, it comes and goes so enjoy the days it goes! :)
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  • I will be 11 weeks and I don't feel pregnant at all. With DD I was a total emotional nut case, nauseaus and sore veiny boobs. This one I have none of that. I have been super tired and have gotten pretty frequent headaches, but that's it. My pants have just started to get a little tight. But other than that, nothing. So strange. I would be freaking out too, but I just saw LO in there holy carp he/she had grown a ton since last time I saw it! I couldn't believe it! So don't stress. Symptoms aren't a sign of how healthy your pregnancy is. I known it can make you worry. We're moms. It's what we do. Lol.
  • This is how my last (2nd pregnancy was). It was a breeze. This one I had about 5 or so weeks of neasea and now I'm feeling much better. Pretty much back to normal. I still get tired more easily but that's it. My advice, Enjoy it! Consider yourself lucky. It's not a bad sign.

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  • @Knottie91346322 Join the club! I am 9w1d and have hardly had any symptoms. I had some very mild MS during week 6 but other than that I am just really tired. I feel 'normal'. No more bloating than I would have during AF. I heard and saw my gummybear's(my LO nickname) heartbeat at 7w5d, so that eased a little of my worries but I am still anxious. 

    The most important thing to do is to think «I am pregnant today, and I will enjoy it» I know easier said than done but I hope it helps. Know that you are not alone.
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