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Subchronic hemorrige

Just found out on my ultrasound this morning that I have a very very small subchronic hemorrige. Dr. Isn't concerned at all bc I've had no bleeding, baby measures normal and has really strong heartbeat.  She said given my factors she wouldn't even recommend extra monitoring unless I start bleeding but agreed to a repeat ultrasound in 2 weeks to ease my mind.  Hard not to worry bc it can slightly increase risk of miscarriage.  Anyone have one before with positive outcome? Please don't share any horror stories..just want some positive ones to help ease my mind:)

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  • I did at 6-7 weeks with DD. I had no pain but was heavily bleeding on and off for a week. I was put on pelvic rest for about two weeks. Other than preterm labor at 30 weeks and having our daughter at 37 weeks the rest of the pregnancy went fairly smoothly. She will be 3 in May. 
  • With my first I started bleeding at 12 weeks just a little. I went to the hospital and they found a subchoreonich generate. When I left the hospital they told me I had. A 50/50 shot of losing the baby. I had an emergency appointment for the following monday(happened Saturday) and my doctor said it was very small and not to be concerned. My daughter is now 6 almost seven and perfectly healthy. dont stress about it especially if it's small. Stress is the worst thing for you and baby and this is something that is not in your control. Just focus on being healthy and happy and take it day by day. This is not uncommon and it does not mean that there will definitely be negative consequences. 
  • I had one with my daughter. I bled a couple of times in the first trimester from it but she was totally fine. She just turned one!
  • I had a large one at 16 weeks. I bled A LOT. They put me on a week of bedrest and checked me again, everything was fine and DS is a happy/healthy 2yo! 

    Also a good friend just had one at 5 weeks and is now at 12 weeks with everything going smoothly so far. 
  • I had one with my second child. It was right next to the gestational sac. I didn't have any spotting, but it was monitored. It had finally gone away by the 16 week ultrasound. 
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  • I am lurking from the Oct 2017 board but am also curious to hear as many success stories of SCH as possible.  I was diagnosed with one at 6w at my REs office which was 1.9cm.   I was just fine and totally asymptomatic until exactly one week ago today at 9w6d when I went to the ER with very heavy bright red bleeding.  Things checked out fine at the ER, strong heart, etc.  I followed up with my OBGYN on Wednesday and by that time I was feeling better and the bleeding was gone.  Things checked out again with the OBGYN and I was feeling good because the baby was waving his arms and legs and even measuring 2 days ahead of schedule.  But then I had a big bleed again the following morning.  Again, I went to the obgym, baby was fine.  The sch is now 2.7cm.  I haven't stopped bleeding since Thursday but its mostly spotting since Friday and managed by a pantliner rather than a pad. These things are so awful and I'd love to hear as many success stories as possible too. 
  • Lurking from February. I had a SCH when I was 8 weeks. Bled so much I soaked through jeans and onto my car seat. We had to get my seat fabric replaced! I had a SCH next to my placenta and it was 3-4 cm. I bled off and on for a week and then it went away and by 12 weeks it was completely gone. Long story short, everything was okay and I now have a perfectly healthy 18 day old :) 

    Also, my RE was acting more doom and gloom about it. By the time I transferred to my OBGYN, she was totally not concerned at all. I had IVF and she said, "all you IVfers bleed a lot."  Not sure the facts, but apparently IVF can lead to them happening more also. 

    Good luck everyone!! 
  • I had this last year with my first baby. I was worried sick even though the doc told me not to. It ended up dissipating all on its own. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thank you all for sharing your success stories. Whenever I start to feel depressed and fatalistic I come back and re-read your stories!
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