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Weird/Strange/Difficult Preggo Dreams

So, this has been kind of strange and I’m sure that it’s got to do with being pregnant and the surge of hormones coursing through my body!

First, a confession: In my 20s I dated a man for a few years that was a chronic cheater. I was that girl that kept thinking he’d change and that he just needed more love. I eventually woke up and realized that I deserved better and moved on. Actually, I ran! Hahaha...

A couple years later I met my sweet DH who is 180 degrees different in every way. He is kind and loving and embodies integrity. We’ve now been together seven years and are expecting our first child at the end of October.

Here’s the strange thing. For the past few weeks I’ve often been having dreams in which DH is either cheating on me or leaving me or something like that. The dreams really frustrate me because I know they aren’t true and I am certain that my pregnancy is probably triggering old fears, but has anything like this ever happened to you? Are you having weird/strange/difficult preggo dreams?

Re: Weird/Strange/Difficult Preggo Dreams

  • haha i had a dream like that iwth my first pregnancy and i got mad at DH for not apologizing when i told him about the dream...he still makes fun of me for that. ho hum.

    I did read somewhere once that cheating dreams don't mean anything. like if you are cheating that you want to cheat. it is just that there is a quality about that person you wish you had for yourself or something.
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  • When I read your post I thought you wrote that your ex was a "chronic eater" and that you kept thinking he'd change... I was like hmm yeah that would be a difficult relationship. 

    I was having super weird dreams but they have tapered off.

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  • @natleilynn SO weird! Hahaha... I am sort of looking forward to what other kinds of dreams I'll have over the next few months.

    @carries2018 I told DH about the dreams and it just made him sad. He said he didn't like that I was having those dreams but I said I can't help it! 
  • I often have cheating nightmares where DH cheats and then acts like it's no big deal or vice versa. I've had them all my adult life with the circumstances changing depending on mine. My husband would never. They're such upsetting dreams.

    I don't sleep well, so I don't dream often but had loss nightmares all last night, which would usually make today feel horribly funky but I found the heartbeat this morning with my doppler so I'm OK. I hope this doesn't become regular!
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  • @reneeannemm Glad to hear you found the heartbeat and all is well! <3 And so strange about the cheating dreams. My DH would never either, which makes it even more upsetting because in my dreams he is nothing like who he is in real life.
  • I had the most intense sexualdreams when I was pregnant with my son.  Lol so yes,  enjoy the ride 
  • I had a dream that I birthed healthy triplets at 12 weeks gestation. They all were small but very healthy weights. The doctors discovered that I had a quick baking ute. I was horrified about having 4 kids all of a sudden.

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  • I've had several the past few nights.   My FH has kids that he hasn't seen in almost a year.  We are preparing to take her to court so he can get visitation and i've been having dreams about that court hearing.  They are very realistic but considering we have been in a court setting before with her, that could be why. 
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  • I'm just over here having all the dark/murderous dreams! 
  • I had the most f'd up dreams last night... not sure how my mind even thinks of it, really inappropriate. Just want to say you are not alone. Scary stuff!

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