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Anyone being tested early for Gestational Diabetes?

I am not diabetic nor did I have GD with any of my previous pregnancies, but I've already gained several pounds in the last month and the fact that I'm plus sized, my OB is going to have my glucose checked at my next appointment.  
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Re: Anyone being tested early for Gestational Diabetes?

  • This is normal practice at my OB's office....BMI over a certain point and you have a glucose tolerance test with the first set of blood work. I did mine a couple weeks ago

  • I had blood work done at my last appointment.  I'm not sure what all was tested with it, but they took 4 vials.  He just mentioned that I would have my glucose checked at my next appointment.  With my previous pregnancies it was towards the middle before I was checked. 
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  • They have done the A1C early on in my previous pregnancies and I'm assuming they'll do one soon this time. I am plus sized, 41, and I have had high blood sugars with the last pregnancies, so I'll probably be doing the finger pricks at home soon (I do them instead of the sugar drink glucose test). 
  • I am being tested early, had GD with my last. Not overweight in fact under BMI but GD doesn't care about weight apparently - it's just how your body is processing the sugars. I'm pretty bummed to test early though, can't imagine 7 months of finger pricking etc. :( praying none of us have it!

  • I did the glucose challenge at 5 weeks and expect to do more throughout pregnancy so the dr can see how my level changes. I have PCOS (non-insulin resistant).
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  • I had GD with my 2nd pregnancy 9 years ago. Because I had hyperemesis there was no possible way for me to control this with diet. I lost wt due to nausea and vomiting all the way to 6 months. Then just stabilized. I had to use insulin though.  I know it is pretty standard practice to test at one of the 1st prenatal appts. With the history of GD.  I had the 1hr glucose challenge I believe at 5.5-6 weeks. Then I will have it again at the standard 28 week mark. Thankfully I passed. Not looking forward to the repeat testing. BLETCH :)
  • My doctor is concerned because I did have GD with my first pregnancy. So they did a fasting glucose test this past week. If I fail that I guess they'll do an actual glucose test? I'm not looking forward to it. I'm 8 weeks today and they did the test on Wednesday. 
  • I was the first time round because I told the midwife that my mum had GD. This time I am not volunteering that information because it was awful. They really need to think of a healthier way to test for GD. Fasting and then glugging down a high sugar content drink while PG? Yeah no. Once is enough.

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