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1st Trimester

Shhh! Help me keep a secret?

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Hey ladies,

So I'm 7 weeks tomorrow and won't even go to the doctor until Tuesday, but I'm going on a bachelorette weekend this weekend in NOLA and need some suggestions for virgin drinks to help "keep my cover" as we're not ready to announce yet.  I use to drink margaritas, amaretto sours, and wine.  I wasn't too adventurous but I liked what I liked so not "drinking" would be a red flag.  Now none of those sound good (and even less so without the alcohol).  I haven't really had too many pregnancy symptoms (but neither did my mother apparently).  Nausea here and there but managed with teddy grams and other snackage.  Any suggestions to help keep me on the DL are appreciated!  :)

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Shhh! Help me keep a secret?

  • Daiquiris are big in NOLA, you might be able to get a virgin one and it's basically a slushee.
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  • What I did early on in my pregnancy once was order a diet coke and everyone assumed it was a jack and coke or something. No one questioned it.
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  • Are there going to be shots and stuff passed around?  You may need to let the hostess know so she can back you up if you refuse a drink.  good luck!!
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  • My sisters wedding fell on week 5 on my first pregnancy, no one knew and I wasn't ready to tell anyone. I was drinking juice in fancy glasses which was always topped up throughout the night so when someone asked if I wanted a drink I already had one in my hand. You will probably not have that many people asking what you are drinking and if they do just say your just drinking juice that you're taking antibiotics and can't have alcohol.
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