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TGIF St. Patrick's Day edition

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!! Hoping we all get our rainbow after the storm very soon. What's everyone's plans for the weekend?

Re: TGIF St. Patrick's Day edition

  • I'm having lunch with a GF today and also buying last minute supplies for DD's bday party tomorrow. Saturday is the big bday party and we are going to see the new beauty and the beast movie.  Sunday it's supposed to be 80 here!  I need to clean in the morning but we may also go have lunch at the lake in the afternoon.

    Happy St. Patty's day everyone!
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  • @vlagrl29 Did the new shoes arrive in time? 

    Afm-no plans. Can't drink in the 2ww because I've apparently become a worry wart. Hate the fact that my whole life is revolving around how I can make my body a non-hostile environment for a little bean. 
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  • Having some Irish luck so far this morning won a free coffee and my boss randomly gave us all a raise (woo hoo!). Im like maybe I should have taken a pg test this morning, lol.

    Tonight me DH and my parents are going to an Irish party with food trucks, irish dancers, music and bag pipes and then later on we might go somewhere else to listen to music. Other than that I want to go and see Beauty and the Beast sometime this weekend.

    @vlagrl29 - Happy birthday to your DD! Have fun at the party - that sounds fun and the movie looks so good I can't wait to see it.

    @justsuzie - Im the same way. Though I did have a glass of wine on Tuesday. I think whatever makes you feel better and gives you peace of mind you should do. And if you slip up and have something its okay and probably not going to hurt you.
  • I'm at work as usual, being Paddy's day make me miss Ireland a bit and all my friends there. 
    @vlagrl29 happy birthday for your DD and enjoy Beauty and the Beast!

    @justsuzie I feel you on being so cautious in the TWW!

    @TScalei that party sounds fun fun! 
  • @justsuzie - the dress should arrive today. Decided against the shoes for now. Don't want to go overboard.
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  • SP128SP128 member
    @vlagrl29 Hope you guys have a great bday party.  Beauty and the Beast looks pretty cool.  

    @TScalei  Love your plans tonight and loving all the luck from this morning.  May it carry you through to a bfp!!

    @justsuzie  My body is a temple to my non existent embryo.    I have been eating like I'm pregnant in hopes to sustain a preg.  Eggs, avocados and full fat dairy, oh my! It's a control thing.

    It's restaurant week in Boston.  We have RSVPs to a restaurant tonight.  DH just called and said that he is running late.  May need to cancel the rsvp.  We have another RSVP at another restaurant for Sunday night.  Saturday night I'll prob just make corned beef and cabbage.  
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  • Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I got nothin'. Plunked down a large vet bill this morning as my little kitty girl decided to start peeing all over everything. Otherwise, she's a healthy little b--tch, but we love her ;-). May be from DH and I being out of town more recently and that pissed her off, ha ha. Still gotta take care of my crotchety old lady..... :)
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  • Happy St. Paddy's day! Nothing too exciting here. Hunkering down with some booze and Netflix while DH is at work. Wishing I would have bought the extra bottle of wine....

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  • You have to see Beauty and the Beast. It was awesome. I got teary eyed at the end. TTC has made me a mush ball .
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