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  • FFFC: I just had several Reese's Eggs. They are, seriously, the best thing ever and the only candy I seem to be able to handle.
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  • @AdaByron my mom wouldn't let us say those word either... No idea how she potty-trained us, but when we were older it was "pass gas," "number two," "urinate" and "seat" if you absolutely had to speak of it, but best not to.  :|

    @LuLiLaEv I want to snuggle that sweet face!! Y'all are strong to be fosters! When we gave up our foster pibble was the first time I saw my husband cry. We have been known to visit her in a different state...

    My FFFC is that I shamelessly bribed a student with extra credit to help me move some bins full of field equipment out of my car. I'd already moved them into my car that morning and it made me so sore!
  • My FFFC is if baby is not moving around when I wake up in the morning, I'll roll onto my belly a bit to get her moving. PGAL brain is a bad thing. 
  • @carol113 I understand that. PGAL brain really does a number. I know what you mean though, even if i lean over to one side of my belly when I am in bed, that is where I feel movement. It's the feedback from the slight pressure. I don't think it's a problem as long as you are not straight up rolling onto your belly and staying there. 

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  • @irishrose54 No, definitely not rolling to be fully face down. More like what your saying of going from my side to have more belly pressure on the bed. 
  • I ate meat on Friday of lent. Our bishop technically gave it the OK but I know a few family members that would not approve. Mmmmmm delicious. We also listened to the unicorn song- with hand motions. This was the first time I've ever done that sober!
  • My newest FFFC.  I wasn't walking to my parking garage and had to cross the street. I didn't wait for the walk signal and saw a car way down the way so jogged to the other side. Pregnancy bladder made me start to pee, but luckily I stopped and thank God for panty liners. I rushed to pee and barely made it. OOF.
    By far, the worst part of pregnancy and it happens way too often. 
  • chiquita928chiquita928
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    Candy corn is one of my favorite candies ever! But only Brach's. The off brand stuff is disgusting. But I'm the pineapple hater, so is anyone really surprised that I love what you guys hate?
    We are the same.  Yes to (only) Brach's candy corn.  Every fall I have to NOT BUY A SINGLE BAG, or I will buy like 10.  And I also hate pineapple.

    I posted about this in the fitness check-in, but St. Patty's day for me has always been a little bit like THanksgiving.  My grandparents are from Ireland, so we always had corned beef and cabbage with them, and it was a nice family dinner.  It was more about our heritage than all the rest.  It's one of my favorite holidays because of this.

    @AdaByron We've been working with DS on the concept of "polite conversations."  We've been explaining that some things are ok to talk about in certain ways or to certain people, but not all the time.  It's come up regarding bodily functions, but also the differences in people.  He's 3, so he'll just blurt out things like, "She's fat!" or "She talks funny!" or "His skin is so dark!" or "You have a funny name!"  It can get embarrassing, so we've been talking about that a lot.  It's starting to help, and we've done this with poop, pee, fart, and burp, too.  It's ok to think they're silly at home with mommy and daddy, but not in church, etc.  Works for us.  That way, we're not creating new "bad words," but just talking about context and appropriateness.

    ETA:  Forgot my FFFC

    The topic of candy corn made me think of my FFFC:  I cannot stand Cadbury's creme eggs, reeses anything or jellybeans.  Easter is NOT my holiday for sweets.
  • I'm with you on the jellybeans @chiquita928 but no reeses? That is my candy of choice. My husband knows if he's going to buy me chocolate it better be reeses 
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  • @chiquita928 - we were doing so well! I LOVE Cadbury creme eggs! Also - I have a couple bags of candy corn in my desk drawer. :)
  • Reese's are my life. I couldn't make it without them!

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  • @michelle04us I'm not a big chocolate lover in general, unless its on strawberries or bananas.  I prefer gummi bears.  I will say that this little girl I'm growing must have inherited her daddy's chocoholism, though, because I have definitely wanted a bunch of chocolate milk and brownies this pregnancy, which is very out of character for me.
  • @chiquita928  I'm not either except when it comes to my reeses....or chocolate covered cherries. Other than that no chocolate milkshakes, chocolate cake, or just chocolate bars. My younger 2 boys both had me wanting slushies which I don't usually like too well. No strange food things this time so far.
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  • Now all I can think about and want is wine and chocolate...
  • @manillabar YES on the starburst jelly beans. I can't buy them unless it's the mini bags. I have zero self control with those.
  • I mean, I don't dislike chocolate, but it's not my first choice in sweets.  Wine, on the other hand...I haven't been missing it this pregnancy (thankfully), but ordinarily I love me some red.
  • @carol113 I could absolutely destroy a large bag of those in one sitting!

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  • lanie1000lanie1000
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    @manillabar and @carol113  Yes to starburst!! In a pinch, I'll settle for the jolly ranchers jelly beans. 
  • kerilskerils
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    @maybeitsmadeline I was laying in bed this morning and peed a little. I really want to pretend it was because I coughed, but the truth is that I farted. 

    As long as Im being gross and in the spirit of Friday, my discharge was so much this morning that I was slightly concerned I might actually be leaking amniotic fluid so I put a pad on to catch whatever it was and be able to inspect it. Result? Im not sure about earlier, because I got pretty dry for awhile (so not amniotic fluid) but after spending like 1.5 hours on my couch in fluffy pajamas pants under a sleeping 15 pound cat, I felt wet again so I smelled it (to see if it was discharge, urine, or smelled sweet or odorless) and it was straight up sweat. And smelled just like it.  :s

    Edit: stupid mobile posted on me before I was done typing 
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  • I ate meat on Friday of lent. Our bishop technically gave it the OK but I know a few family members that would not approve. Mmmmmm delicious. We also listened to the unicorn song- with hand motions. This was the first time I've ever done that sober!
    Are you Catholic?  We're exempt from fasting/no meat if we're pregnant or breastfeeding!  No guilt!!
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  • @carol113 this is my exact feeling for sweet tart jelly beans. I could easily go through a bag in a sitting!
  • My boys were very good babies (slept well etc.) and now everyone is basically hoping baby girl is a bad sleeper so we get to experience it?! really who wishes that on someone I really don't understand the logic behind it at all! 

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  • @StacyH0507 my first two were awesome babies as well but our 3rd was very difficult. I would never wish that on anyone. It was very rough but I will say he has been a real adventure. I hope you have another good baby  :)
  • @Poppyseed72017 Thanks! I am sure she will be her own little person it's just so strange to me that people actually want her to be a more difficult baby! :blush:

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  • I ate meat on Friday of lent. Our bishop technically gave it the OK but I know a few family members that would not approve. Mmmmmm delicious. We also listened to the unicorn song- with hand motions. This was the first time I've ever done that sober!
    Are you Catholic?  We're exempt from fasting/no meat if we're pregnant or breastfeeding!  No guilt!!
    Yes- but I told my husband he had to break with me! How could I be Catholic without guilt? ;) our daughter had 3 helpings as did DH. It smelled soooo good when we got home that we just had to jump right in! I try to follow even though I'm exempt... but I couldn't fast on ash wednesday. I was just too hungry!
  • We went out to dinner tonight and my horrible ex was there. I totally sat on the side of the table to keep an eye on him... And maybe make him uncomfortable. 
    Was very glad I had just gotten my hair done and didn't go out looking quite as much of a mess as normal!

    LOVE your hair color!!
  • @GlitterFish ; That's so cool!  I wish I could pull off something like that.

    Count me into the disliking chocolate crowd.  But I only dislike solid chocolate.  I hate eating things that coat my mouth... so I hate chocolate and peanut butter.  I love chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, brownies.... Man, I could really use some right now.  Too bad I gave it up for the office Lent Challenge.
  • @GlitterFish love the hair! My hair girl is always doing fancy colors with other girls but I'm too chicken to try it, plus 99% of the time, it's in a ponytail....cuz I'm lazy.  Hope you sent some fabulous hair flips your exs way lol. 

    sooooo since people brought up Lent, my FFFC is I am not catholic, but love lent because McDonald's sells the filet o fish at half price on fridays! And I take advantage even thou I know it's prob not the best thing to eat. Extra tarter sauce too
  • @glitterfish your name really fits you! love your hair. 

  • munchkinsmamamunchkinsmama
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    @StacyH0507 I have had 3 generally good babies too. Both boys had a fussy hour or so a day (witching hour) but my daughter was amazing at self soothing and sleeping. Her twin was a littile tough till we figured out the best formula for him, and he tends to nees additional snuggles in large groups, but nothing crazy. I have had my fair share of people who say my luck will run out and this baby will be a non sleeper. It makes me mad, yes please wish me sleep deprivation and a difficult 4th baby, because having 4 under 4 won't be a big enough challenge.

    ETA @GlitterFish your hair is amazing! The bravest I have ever been was dying my underneath layer pink. I have told DH I might do this again after this baby gets out, as a fun pick me up and reminder that I  still me after 4 kids. I think DS will vote for purple and pink like his favorite my little pony.
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    @munchkinsmama I've been getting that a lot too! DD was a fairly easy baby sleep wise, but everything else was crazy. She had torticollis and plagiocephaly (shortening of the neck and a flat spot on her right side as a result). She had bad reflux and was super needy in the needing snuggles all the time department. The torticollis and everything caused lots of development delays and we had PT weekly as a result. Then the doc band caused us to have to drive an hour and 15 mins away once a week because there weren't any offices closer to where I live. We were always at a doctor's office and I had zero pto until last summer. And don't get me started on nursing. 

    All anyone in my life ever focuses on is the fact that DD started sleeping through the night at 12 weeks old. She was only getting up once a night between 8 and 12 weeks. I get irrationally BSC when people tell me how "easy" of a baby she was and how this child is going to be horrible because she was such a good sleeper. 
  • @GlitterFish I love your hair!! Also seeing exs is the worst. I've been with DH for 7 years and it still makes me uncomfortable to run into my exs. Glad you survived. :)
  • People love to scare you! It's so dumb. My son was a terrible sleeper!!!! From day one. Plus my habits of getting him to sleep didn't help the situation. I don't let him CIO(tried it for a few desperate days and it was awful), we snuggled, coslept, blah blah. He also had a weird gagging  thing going on the first few months that left me paranoid but I don't get into that. When you are beyond sleep deprived, you go into survival mode. What can I do for just two hours of uninterrupted sleep?!?!? Then you do that. He sleeps great now(1.5) but getting from my arms/bed to his crib was a slow/exhausting process. I never let him fuss longer than a few minutes. I'm proud to say he sleeps and naps in his own crib and never cries when he gets put in his crib awake!! It's amazing to me now. 

    And my DS is such a happy baby/toddler! Maybe I'm looking back through rose tinted glasses?

    I'm told this girl will be 'so easy since son was awful', but I'm not naive!!! DS could have been so much worse!!!! My nephew had colic and cried around the clock for months. It was insane. My poor sister had a one year old when baby number two came along colic as all get out. We didn't go through anything like that!!!! We just had an extra snugly baby, and I sure didn't help by any means because I loved the snuggles. Lol. 

    This baby girl is what she is, and I'm going to obviously hope like heck she's a great sleeper. I might even try harder to not create habits that are hard to get away from down the road. But something tells me, since I know this is our last baby, I'm going to extra snuggle her and that's okay. I don't regret a single nighttime co sleeping snuggle session with DS. Someone PLEASE remind me of this when I'm half dead come Fall time??? HAHA. 
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