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Teething and Epstein's Pearls

So I called my daughter's pediatrician and asked about this, and he said I should only be worried if she gets a fever or has white spots on her inside cheeks, as those are signs of a yeast infection. It's been 2 days and no signs of fever nor the white spots, but it bothers me so much. My daughter doesn't seem to be in pain. She acts normal in every way and even with 2 new teeth coming out, she's not been fussy at all. My questions are: 1. Has anybody experience this with your baby? 2. Did you take your kid to the doctor? 3. Should I?

Re: Teething and Epstein's Pearls

  • I haven't experienced this with any of my children. If it's still really bothering you I would take her in to the doctor. With my first baby I called the nurse hotline a bunch and took my son in more then needed but I was a FTM and it's normal to worry more with the first.
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