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Long time no see!

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Hi bumpies!

I haven't been on here in so long, how is everyone doing?? How are those beautiful toddlers? 


Here's my not so LO, Noah! He turned 18 months on the 3rd, he's 36.5 inches tall and 32 lbs!


Re: Long time no see!

  • What a cutie! My LO and I are doing great - we had an awesome St Pattys Day with lots of dancing and soda bread! I stop by the board every once in a while - nice to see you!
  • @hlb8179 soccer already?! I'm jealous! Ours won't start til 2:( she is just so beautiful! 
    @chelseajeanene Noah is HUGE! Such a tall little man! He's got 9 lbs on Judah, and like 1.5"! 

    Like a lot of the ladies on here, I'm knocked up again!  A late August baby girl for us:). Here's Judah being naughty as usual. 
  • kkerner87kkerner87 member
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    Hayyyy! My Mila Grace
  • keggenkeggen member
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    Such cuties! 
  • Yay!! Congrats on both abd yes! So super cute!!!
  • blizmarkblizmark member
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    My Emma, who will not hold still for a picture to save her life  ;) 
  • kkerner87kkerner87 member
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    Mila Grace! She has a baby brother due in October! Hope all you ladies are doing well! I can't believe it will be 2 years!
  • jlemons-2jlemons-2 member
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    @blizmark we have the same teepee! I didn't realize it would be that big..
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