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One heartbeat and something else? Still spotting

ok so I posted a thread here about a week ago because I was spotting a lot. At the 5 week sono my dr saw the pregnancy but no hb yet and a spot where he said he saw a  bleed. I had my 6 week sono yesterday and we have a heartbeat that looks great (whew) however he still sees the bleed although it shrunk a little. He also said that I need to come back next week because he's concerned that it may be a twin pregnancy that's not growing quite right. He said he thinks he saw some movement there but he couldn't be sure because its still so small. This morning when I went to the bathroom I noticed 2 chunks/clots in the bottom of the toilet. They were coffee bean size and shape, mostly brown with a little red. I just spotted more brown blood and anther much smaller chunk. Has anyone experienced this? Could I be passing the other "potential pregnancy"? I'm not bleeding any red just spotting brown. Any thoughts? 

Re: One heartbeat and something else? Still spotting

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    i dont know if things are similar but i was implanted with two blasts two attached and only one formed into anything the other remained empty, no HB so technically it was a twin.  at around 8-9 weeks it absorbed into my uterus, it did not "pass" i had no bleeding, no symptoms at all so my guess its not related
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    I have no experience with this, I had spotting and bleeding but no chunks or signs of something else in there.
    I had an ultrasound at 5 and 6 weeks.
    Pregnancy comes with a lot of worry and questions. Try (easier said than done) to relax and have faith. You are in good hands and they'll follow you up. 
    Of course it's very sad (horrible even) if there was a twin, and it's ok to moorn about loosing her/him too.
    Just don't be too harsh on yourself.
    Hang in there!


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    I transferred two embryos and ended up pregnant with one . I had two major bleeds with clots during my pregnancy that ended up being subchorionic hematomas . I was hospitalized both times . It was very scary but I currently have a healthy three month baby boy . I'm so sorry the uncertainty is si hard but I hope you just have what I had and that your pregnancy goes smoothly after this ! 

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    With my 1st pg, both embryos had stuck but 1 was not viable.  I didnt have any bleeding.  Brown means that its old blood - which could be a good thing.  If the bleeding persists, id talk to your doc and try to get another scan in to make sure everythings ok.

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    Well something interesting happened today. The spotting was getting slightly heavier, still not a heavy bleed but more than spotting. Then I passed what looked like tissue to me Into the toilet. When I looked in, it was moving. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen and felt surreal. I called and went in for a sono immediately. The original prregnancy was still there and looking great. I didn't see my dr I saw the dr on call. I explained to him what I passed but he thinks it's a subcronic hematoma. He said there's a chance it was a second pregnancy but we can't be sure. We will know more at my next sono. This is all so much to deal with. I'm so scared that this will cause a miscarriage. 
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