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Ovulation experts

Just wanted to get some thoughts as I am travelling for work and hoping I am trying enough!

Sun morning clear blue advanced - flashing smiley (5th day)

Sun PM (different tester been using for days) - solid smiley  - did the bd

Mon AM (PM's tester showed flashing smiley)

Mon PM (same tester showed static)

Tues - BD

Wed - no bd

Thurs - tried a FR ovulation and it is positive as well as CM (cannot BD today)

Will BD Friday -

I know it is a question that you can't really answer but thoughts?  Nervous and mad we didn't do the bd yesterday!

Last time we tried we got pregnant on 1st try but had a miscarriage very early on.  Thanks!

Re: Ovulation experts

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    Just remember sperm can live for up to 5 days! There is still hope!

    Baby #1: BFP on 10/12/2011, EDD 6/24/2012 Born: 6/16/2012 Boy!

    Baby #2: BFP on 11/11/2016, EDD 7/25/2017 - MC 1/2/2017

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    I wouldn't stress much about it - I think every other day is good enough.  I think overdoing it is not the best path.
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    True but I have none on Wed and thurs...just took the other stick and line is light now...we shall see!
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    Well there is always hope
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    Weird it's very positive again this morning.  Last night could be as I drank a lot before testing....  how can I get positives this many days??
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    I don't know - that's one of the reasons I only used the clearblue easy OPKs - it was very obvious with the smile face.  I don't use them anymore.  We BD based on CM and right now it's for sure fertile.
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    I really love the wondfo opks because I can see the LH rise and then surge so I can pinpoint what time of day things are happening. They work great for me but I've heard others hate them. 
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