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What my pregnant self is eating- 03/16/17

What I have:  yogurt, strawberries, and granola
What I want:  2 breakfast burritos, a hashbrown, and a coke from McDonald's.

Re: What my pregnant self is eating- 03/16/17

  • @av2323 omg a hashbrown and coke from McDonald's sounds sooo good!
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  • @av2323 and now I want a bacon, cheese and egg biscuit sandwich from McDonalds. My yogurt and banana aren't doing the job.

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  • Coffee and biscuits with jam. Boring. Lol

    I really want pizza. My hubs said he'd make some for me sometime this week but he's sick so I might have to buy one. 
  • Ugh. NOTHING. I feel sick.
    I know I should eat....but.....barf.

  • Totally just went at got taco bell. Apparently this baby only likes fast food.
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  • I forgot my lunch today but luckily there were sandwiches leftover from a meeting. I pick a veggie since I'm not eating deli meat and it's not great but it IS free. Also got some chips, fruit salad, and a brownie :) SO jealous of your Taco Bell @daisymae6215, their naked chicken chalupa is incredible!
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  • More than halfway through this Whole30! All of the things that sound so good right now are big no-nos. I'm so excited for cheese and pizza and bread.
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  • My friend took me out to lunch so I had a grilled chicken sandwich and fries. So much better than my usual salad

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  • Pretty much all I want is fruit and toast. Probably need to feed the rest of my family something more significant though. 

  • Leaving work soon and getting McDonald's on the way to sneak into the movie theater :yum:
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  • Had fried chicken and steamed brussel sprouts then a spoon full of nutella.  I never thought I would say this but nutella was not satisfying. I am still hungry and craving something but I don't know what that something is. Super frustrating. 
  • Snyder's jalapeño pretzel pieces. I've cleared the work vending machine of them in 3 days, they are all I want.
  • Y'all! I have been living on smoothies and boiled eggs the past week! My DH is the best for making me whatever variety I request. This morning he made me on with PB, bannana, and greek yogurt! So! Good!
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  • All I eat are sweet potatos and lima beans!? So weird! I mean, I typically try to eat healthy but I would have thought pizza, French fries, cheese sticks, etc would be on the list! I could definitely go for a McD's  coke though right now!!!
  • I had a jalapeno cheddar bagel for breakfast, then a yogurt and a banana as a late morning snack. Most food still isn't sitting well with me, so I try to eat light things but eventually I get so hungry I cave and eat a regular meal and feel sick.  This blows goats.

    Also, no food appeals to me at all. Even writing about all of this is making me sad.
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  • Graham cracker with PB, chocolate chips and a couple marshmallows put under the broiler for a minute. 
    I ate far too many in my first pregnancy.

    i feel no shame. 
  • Clumsydubu Clumsydubu
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    For lunch  I made myself Korean style ramen

  • I got corned beef and cabbage from the hospital cafeteria yesterday, which sounds gross but CHOP actually has a really good cafeteria/food court thing.  Anyway, I was practically drooling while I brought it upstairs, but when I opened it up, the corned beef and cabbage nauseated me.  So I ate potatoes for breakfast/lunch.  Story of my pregnant life.

    For dinner I went downstairs REALLY wanting a burger, but when I got there they smelled gross to me.  So I had half a piece of pizza with no sauce on it.

    I need some real food, stat.
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  • @pawcall There are a ton of great restaurant options around CHOP! I'm not sure if any deliver, but you could run out or have your DH pick up for you. 
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  • I'm going to have him bring something today (he's sleeping at home to take care of the pets and has also been spending nights packing/moving into storage since we are selling his house and closing in 10 days).  But honestly, once it gets here, i'm sure I'll hate it. 

    Last week at roughly four nanoseconds pregnant, I was already having food aversions - I asked him to pick up chinese food and bring it down to the hospital - once it got here, I decided it was gross.  Same with the pizza.  Same with the cheese and crackers.  It was like this the whoooole time I was pregnant with my son.
    ~Mom to an amazing Jan 2011 boy~
    ~EDD Nov 18, 2017 with my IUI success story~

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  • I am craving a sub from the Amish sub shop by my house and DH is adamant about the deli meat thing. But I reaaaaaaallllllllllly want one. 

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  • @jess0211 would the sub taste the same if you had them warm up the meat first?  

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  • I really want Ramen noodles. No clue why! Haven't had them in years but my God do I need them right now. 

  • DOMINOS. I've been dying for dominos for about two weeks. So I drove 1/2 an hour one way to get to one for take out. Totally worth it. 
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  • So proud of myself, pre made and entire week of healthy lunches and snacks. 

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  • jess0211 said:
    So proud of myself, pre made and entire week of healthy lunches and snacks. 
    That's great! I do this with the best intentions and then none of it sounds good when it's time to eat it. Pregnant lady problems...

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  • @heatherdubrow that is likely to happen for me...but at least I tried  :) 

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    @jess0211 you're so good! What did you make? We're having crockpot lasagna for dinner tomorrow but I don't have a lunch to bring so it'll be one of my emergency frozen pizzas  :/ Not super healthy but I prefer it to buying lunch. 
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  • DH was trying to be extra nice when I mentioned I was craving spaghetti and INSISTED on making it. He's an excellent cook, but I just wanted *my* spaghetti. He kept raving about how good it was and I just ate enough to be polite and nodded while being a little sad about it. But he's been going out of his way today to make my life easier so I couldn't bring myself to take the air out of his balloon. 
  • All things garlic. The day I took a test, I ate almost a whole mini loaf of garlic bread.  :o
  • DH made crockpot lasagna yesterday which I had for dinner but I could not stomach much of it for lunch. He's having it for dinner tonight too but since we're going to the movies, I'm opting for theater chicken tenders instead and I cannot wait.
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  • Appetite came back at lunch!!! Had a delicious turkey burger! 

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  • I could go for a plain bagel and cream cheese, or a nice slice of pizza, and have been eating lots of clementines, plain crackers and drinking lemonade. And good thing there are no Taco Bells nearby. I would go loco and run for the border at all times of day.
  • I had ramen for 2nd breakfast today. Velveeta mac and cheese yesterday. Also, I always take a bite of my kids' spaghettios when they have them to make sure it's not too hot. I usually gag, but today I didn't mind it. I have craved "childhood" foods with my other pregnancies. Guess it's back...
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