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Difficulty with naps/ Nap training

Beginning at 5 months old, my DH and I have sleep trained our now 6 month old using the Ferber method. It was a game changer! Although my LO still wakes up for a feeding, we've both been getting great sleep at night! However, naps are a whole other story! Unless I'm out driving him around, he will not fall asleep on his own! At night, I put him down while he's awake and he barely makes a peep. But I cannot get him to nap at home for the life of me! A while ago I started putting him in the car seat and rock him to get him to sleep, but even that has stopped working. Advice for nap training??

Re: Difficulty with naps/ Nap training

  • Ugh!  We are having the same issue with our 6 month old.  We also sleep trained him at 6 months and he wakes up once or twice to nurse at night still (which is much better than it had been), but he hates naps unless we are driving somewhere or in the stroller.  I've been trying to put him down in his crib but he will only sleep for 30 minutes TOPS and it's gotta get better!  I feel like I never have time to really get anything done around the house anymore.
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