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Wednesday Ticker 3/15

Shoutout to @mecoats having a Wednesday baby today!
How far along are you/ How old is baby:

How big is baby: 

Upcoming appointments this week:

Any new symptoms or changes:


GTKY: What special event or activity you looking forward to participating with your baby:

Re: Wednesday Ticker 3/15

  • Pushed to tomorrow :( 

    40 weeks 

    watermelon status

    c section tomorrow morning (7:30 EST)
    i can't sleep because I'm nervous. I have to be awake in 6 hours to head to the hospital and I can't get comfy or get my mind to stop racing.

    wish LO would have made her debut in Wednesday but the storm and no early am c section times had us push it. In other news my co worker that was due in April had her baby Wednesday instead. :) 

    im looking forward to all the holidays, and family BBQs so that family can meet her. Also looking forward to Easter. Easter was the first time I met my husbands family when we first started dating so it's kind of fitting that this will probably be LO first time meeting extended family on my hubbys side. :) 

    hope everyone is doing well! I'll check in tomorrow :)
    ME: 31
    DH: 33
    BFP: 07/14/16 EDD: 03/15/17
    It's a GIRL!

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  • @mecoats Happy St. Patrick's Day baby!

    How old is baby: 3 weeks Thursday 3/16

    How big is baby: 
    not dure but since Tuesday he's been eating a lot and yesterday definitely felt heavier. If he's not 10 lbs, he's on his way

    Any new symptoms or changes: 
    I'm sure every baby is different, but there were big changes once baby turned 3 weeks old yesterday.  He began burping easier during feeding, he fell asleep a little easier after eating last night, he went longer in between feedings last night, over night I saw more hair on his head.  As for me, since I have begun the switch to formula feeding, I have had occasional headaches, brief moments of nausea and one boob is already producing less and looks smaller.  

    Warning for you FTMs:  every baby is different however, the other night we did not put him in sleep sack, an hour later as he was sleeping, he woke me up making some crazy noises, sounding like he was dreaming someone was murdering him in a nightmare or something, it sounded like a horror movie.  And yes he was asleep during all this. Never again!

    Rants/Raves:  Rave: finally getting the hang of cuddling, bonding, tummy time, learning my baby's different cries and sounds.  DH is really involved when he's home from work. 

    GTKY: What special event are you looking forward to with baby:. Today we're going to take a family St Patrick's Day photo, just waiting til DH gets ho,e from work so there's no spit up on baby's outfit or mine.  Really excited about Easter, going to a Babies R Us first Easter event next Saturday. 

  • Congrats @mecoats!
    @disneybaby84 my guys HATE the swaddles. Like... DETEST. I can't help but thinking they might sleep better if they'd stop fighting it!

    Well, it took me to Friday (it is Friday, right?) to fill this out. Babies are keeping me busy.

    How far along are you/ How old is baby: Babies are 5 weeks old.

    How big is baby: As of Monday my little guy is 6 1/2 lbs and the big guy is 8 lbs (they were born at 5lbs 9 oz and 4 lbs 10 oz). They gained 2 oz a day from last Wednesday - Monday!  :o

    Upcoming appointments this week:  I had a LC appointment on Monday. If anyone follows the Bitchfest thread then you know that I've been having a hard time breastfeeding. Initially I thought it was b/c they're preemies. (Their due date isn't even until next week!) My first LC appointment she gave me some suggestions for increasing supply. Pump 8x during the day. Offer the breast as dessert, and don't go too crazy about pumping overnight, so long as I'm pumping every 6 hours overnight. I can pump about 10-12 oz if I'm not nursing at all. Closer to 8 if I have a couple nursing sessions.

    I saw a different LC on Monday. I got both to latch without nipple shields (yay!) but the little guy doesn't transfer... 2 ML in about 20 min. The big guy was able to transfer 40 ML in about 20 min. Turns out, its not about their latch or my pumping schedule, I have insufficient glandular tissue (IGT). Basically, my breasts don't have enough of the glands that produce and store milk. This was a major guy punch for me, especially b/c I have been embarrassed by my small/strange chest since I was about 12 years old (20+ years...) and to find out that it isn't just an eyesore but it preventing me from feeding my children was SO hard to hear. I cried for about an hour at the Pedi (that's where the LC was) and I told her that I feel like the babies don't even need me now... since they're going to basically get formula only... and then my mom (who was there helping me with the babies) started crying and then the pedi started crying. They both said that no matter what the babies need me and know I'm their mom. It was an emotional day. 

    I decided to taper down nursing sessions. I pump 4-6x a day now... and at first I was actually getting MORE this way... 12-14 oz... but I'm concerned that my body is compensating now because the amounts have gone down slightly. At any rate, I plan on giving them as much breast milk as I can. Right now its about 1 3/4 feedings a day for each of them.

    Any new symptoms or changes: So, I gained about 55 lbs while pregnant. I lost 20 within the first couple of days and then GAINED BACK 5 because I was trying so hard to stay hydrated and fed when breastfeeding. Everyone said you need an extra 500 calories (or more) a day... so I was eating like I was still pregnant. Since I have a low supply, I don't need so many extra calories. Since I've adjusted my eating I've lost 3 lbs. I just wish I made the breastfeeding realization earlier... by my 6 week PP appointment I was hoping to have lost more weight than this :/

    Rants/Raves: Well, see above. Also, both of my babies have decided that they like to projectile vomit every now and then. I never thought I'd be a mom that would wear clothes covered in spit up... but I don't want to do the laundry and I would have had to change 4x since 8pm last night... Maybe I should add this to FFFC on the Facebook group... lol

    First world problem rant: They're wearing different sizes! I have a bunch of coordinating and matching outfits that I'm either going to have to exchange, or have them wear so that it fits the big guy and is swimming on the little guy... FRUSTRATING, I don't want to have to dig up the receipts and go to carters... and the stuff we got as gifts... i guess they won't ever wear those matching outfits... :(

    GTKY: What special event or activity you looking forward to participating with your baby: Honestly, I'm drawing a blank. I'm excited to take them to the park I guess? We have one that is walking distance and I'm excited to push them on the swings!

    ANYWHO sorry for the novel!
  • @direwolfmini sorry about the coordinating outfits, Amazon maybe?  Going to the park is fun.  I'm  going to the park on Monday to a mommy group. 
  • @disneybaby84 It is still too wintery here now. :( We had unseasonable warm weather when they came home from the hospital (60-70 degrees in FEBRUARY in CHICAGO?!?!) but we just got a foot of snow on Tuesday... so I'm keeping them inside for a bit. 

    How did you find the mommy group? Did you already have friends in the group?
  • @direwolfmini looked on google for mommy and baby groups in my town, found a website that had several
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