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Question About Braxton Hicks

So tomorrow is my due date, but I'm thinking I'm going to be late because A) It's my first pregnancy and B) I have felt no contractions at all this entire pregnancy, not even Braxton Hicks.

But this is where my question comes in. I keep wanting to feel something and so of course every movement of the baby or slight discomfort I'm trying to figure out if it's a contraction or not (it never is). But in looking up what Braxton Hicks is suppose to feel like I have been feeling confused. Most mother's describe the belly as feeling "hard" wile they are having these contractions. But to me my belly has been feeling constantly hard for many months now. I can't imagine it feeling any harder unless it were to literally turn into a rock! So from what I am describing is my belly simply abnormally hard? Or am I misunderstanding what is meant by "hard"? It makes me wonder if i just can't feel the BH contractions because everything has been pulled too tight all this time...

Re: Question About Braxton Hicks

  • My BH usually start as a tightening near my lungs that takes my breath away. And the bump literally feels ROCK HARD. Kind of like baby is stretching super hard everywhere. 
  • Mine have been feeling like period cramps. Dr. Google says that some women feel them that way instead of the tightening version.
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  • My BH definitely didn't hurt and were kind of hard to notice, but I echo what Jilliants said above, it felt like baby was stretching super hard. Like if your belly normally is as firm as an orange, it becomes as firm as an apple. 
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