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New York mommas - OBGYN and hospital experience?

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Hey guys,

I'm hoping for some reviews on how your experience was with your provider and hospital if you live in NYC. I loved my experience at Downtown Women's and delivering at NYU Langone, but now I'm pregnant again (Irish twins, God help me  :#) and I no longer have the insurance I had last year.

Any recommendations on good OBs that deliver at NYU Langone or experiences at other hospitals would be really appreciated! I live in Bushwick/Ridgewood so unfortunately Lennox Hill and Weill Cornell might be a little too far I think to get to. An hour in a cab while in Labor isn't something I really want to sign up for if I can avoid it  :|

Re: New York mommas - OBGYN and hospital experience?

  • Have you looked at Methodist? I grew up in Brooklyn and have several friends who delivered at Methodist and were happy with their experiences. My OB Gyn in NY delivered at Roosevelt, which is definitely too far for you. I had moved to a new city though when I had my LO.
    Also, my mom gave birth to me at Lennox Hill and we lived waaaaay far out in Brooklyn. But she worked near the hospital so it made her weekly appointments easier.
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