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TMI Tuesday 3/14

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Re: TMI Tuesday 3/14

  • Swollen lady bits over here too. I don't remember this last pregnancy. Its making DTD less comfortable. 

    And holy leakage from the nips the other day. They seem to come and go but it was the most I had to date. 

  • I can't seem to get a handle on what my bowels are doing. I'll be constipated for a week and decide I need to start a daily colace regimen. And then I'll have 3-4 days where I have almost-diarrhea like 3 times a day. Wtf. And yeah I'm with you @WombThereItIs the wiping is a challenge. My undies are pretty embarrassing - skid marks anyone? Again, I'm an adult. Why is this so hard? I have 11 weeks to go!

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  • Eek, I'll be getting a mirror out this evening out of morbid curiosity.
    I've been blindly grooming and I'm doing an okay job, but ugh the ingrowns! I'm not sure which is better!
    Shaving my legs sucks and of course its HOT here so I kind of had to give up the tights/ no shaving :(
  • Last night I partially awoke to readjust positioning and felt the front of my shirt and couldn't figure out how I pitted out so bad in the front... then dazily realized it was not sweat at all but leakage.... like a lot
  • @WombThereItIs I'll give that a good! I normally finish with swipes in the direction of the hair, but maybe I need to do the whole thing that way.
  • @nda_roxybabe Try wiping with rubbing alcohol after (cotton ball). When I shaved it helped with the ingrowns (even though it stung!) I'm fully onboard with waxing/sugaring my downstairs. Listen, I haven't been able to see anything downstairs for months! I'm not trying a razor there. My legs are hard enough.

    As for all the boob posts out there, I'm with you! First time mom here and they are always oozy and crusty from oozing. Not full wet leakage, but still! Everything about my boobs kinda freaks me out right now (huge, hard, veiny, so many boob changes!)
  • Hemorrhoids...stupid hemorrhoids (and I can never spell this word correctly)! I bought preparation H and was just using witch hazel before, but figure might as well get the tube! It sort of helps...and I bought colace because I figured I guess that must help. Probably should have started it a while ago, but silly me didn't think my poop was too hard (face palm). Guess I was wrong...

    I shave once a week. Its hot here and I don't think I could go without it! Its awkward, but so far I've managed fairly well! I just sort of trim the lady part area with the little scissors, but haven't done that in a while. Forget shaving down there! I know I'd cut myself and we do not want to deal with that! 

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  • hp_momma said:
    Everything about my boobs kinda freaks me out right now (huge, hard, veiny, so many boob changes!)
    Wait til your pornstar boobs come in after you deliver! It's intense. 
    I remember yelling for fiance and he came running in because he thought something was wrong, and i was like "holy cow look at these" :D he was definitely amused
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  • My boobs look like cow udders, with these giant nipples that just love to stand at attention. It grosses me completely.

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  • 3 nights the past week, I've woken up to find that I've drooled. A ton. It's effing disgusting. Allergies got me stuffed up. 

    Yesterday in the ER, they gave me reglan. It helps with migraine pain, but my nurse said it's primary function (?) is to empty the stomach into the intestines. I've had two very successful trips to the bathroom this morning. 

    the other night my boob leaked, but then dried up. So when I finally woke to move, I was "glued" to the sheet and I'm fairly certain my nipple ripped off. Holy horrific pain. 
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    Add me to the swollen lady bits group, I don't remember it happening this early with my first either!

     My boobs are out of control, I went from a DD to a G with DS and they never got any smaller and now I'm thinking I'm at least a H if not bigger. I really need to go get fitted for a new bra. Even my nurse at one of my appointments said I may need to consider a reduction in the future. :( I feel so gross! 

  • hp_momma said:
    Everything about my boobs kinda freaks me out right now (huge, hard, veiny, so many boob changes!)
    Wait til your pornstar boobs come in after you deliver! It's intense. 
    Oh yes I remember this about 3 days post partum. I woke up, looked into the mirror and literally yelled holy crap I have porn star tits. DH heard too well that moment so natutally he came in. He was not allowed to touch as it was uncomfortable. They had not changed from their original B size throughout the entire pregnancy so he was loving it.

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    @Louise_Belcher same and love that gif!! Parks and Rec was my middle of the night binge watch when DS was little. 
  • Don't feel gross @Bailey8809 , you're just pregnant. ;) Even with the porn star tits I've developed during pregnancy I'm just barely clocking a full B cup. But, listen, I started at AA. So, from my perspective, H is like amazing. I spent decades dreaming of big boobs! (I'm just trying to say, we're our own worst critic.)

    @Louise_Belcher That gif had me laughing. :)
    @BeachMommy2B I don't think I would have said anything either!
  • @SparkySunDevil you're drool comment reminded me of my other TMI

    last night i apparently drooled a lot, and was asleep with my mouth open. Well i basically got choked, and woke up to me cough/spitting drool all over my fiance... this may be a FFFC part...but he slept through it so I totally rolled over and went back to sleep. I was too tired to wake him up and explain what happened, plus he showers first thing in the morning so.... B)
    I totally would have done the same thing lol
  • I keep taking massive (like big enough to name) #2s that are sharp and super painful. I guess it may be time to look for my medications list because these iron supplements are making my stools a nightmare.
  • @OmegaRose3 FWIW I've never heard any OB who did not OK colace and Miralax so soften away! :)

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  • @OmegaRose3 & @ShadeofGreen816 both of those are on my list from my OB :) I just bough colace, which I've never used before. I started with the 1 pill a that how you are supposed to do it? It says 1-3 a day...I feel really stupid for not knowing haha but like I said, I've never taken it before! 

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  • @BabyMC517 yeah that's probably a good place to start. Colace works by pulling water into your large intestine so your stool is not so dry which makes it softer and easier to pass. So another big one is to stay hydrated bc it will help all around!

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  • Awesome! Thanks, @shadeofgreen816! I started taking iron about a week ago so and have been having issues with hemorrhoids so I figured I should start the colace. I've been so thirsty recently too! Might have something to do with adding those 2 things. 

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     "A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~Charlie Chaplin
  • @jayandaplus - you are so sweet, thank you for making me feel better! Just hope they get smaller after breastfeeding this time! 

  • @ShadeofGreen816 I've taken Colace before so I think that's going to be my plan of action. I hate taking things, especially while pregnant, but my ass literally can't take it anymore
  • This is totally immature but it made me giggle and is totally TMI. I felt gas shift suddenly and LO startled so my belly hunped. It made me remember a few occasions with DD where I would have to let one rip and she would startle in my belly. Sorry kiddos!

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