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WTO Tuesday 3.14


Re: WTO Tuesday 3.14

  • I apologize for all of the choppy replies. I'm on mobile, but hopefully will have some time to comment more at work tonight!


    CD: 4

    WAYDTGKU: PNVs, charting CM and BBT once AF goes away

    R/R: I had some friends fly out from California to get my brother's dogs while he's training for the Army. I'm super grateful that they wanted to do this, but I should be sleeping now instead of bumping. It's going to be a long night at work. 

    CS/Q: nada

    GTKY: It's Pi Day! What's your favorite pie? Apple!
    Me: 28 | DH: 29
    Married: 12/2016
    DSS born: 01/2016
    TTC since: 01/2017
  • @beachbunnyxo123 If you have any questions about the hsg just shoot, the experience is quite fresh ;) 

    @Sailing_Mama Oh spring is lovely here too ... i just love that even the air smells different :) 
    Me: 33, DH: 38
    Married: May 2015
    TTC since September 2015
  • @Cricket648 @KariAnn323 ;@EmilyLove25 ;@dragonette505 ;@Anna_1021 ;@LoveInDC ;@MrsMiller8588 ;@TigerCakes ;@SoraLk ;@Starla @sailing_mama ;@kiwi2628 ;@darkrose88 ;@KatieEl ;@beachbunnyxo123 ;@JJMNO1616 ;@BreezyBee ;@Avrilmai ;thank you all so much for the support!

    @tigerfish227 ;@TigerCakes oh no!  I hope it's not back-to-back strep!  That would suck!

    @SoraLk what a special dinner! 

    @kiwi2628 I'm with you on the pie!

    @Starla I'm not a fruit fan so that rules out most. And I don't like the crust so that rules out the rest! I know--I'm weird! Lol

    @KatieEl ugh!  What is it what ultrasound techs lately?

    @beachbunnyxo123 I hope it goes well on Thursday!!

    @JJMNO1616 yay!! So exciting about the house!!

    @Avrilmai so sorry about cd1!
  • @Anna_1021 - Your boss sounds amazing!
    @purplg8r - What you are going through is difficult and you don't have to put on a happy/brave face for us. This is exactly what we are here for! I hope you get some much needed R&R on spring break
    @dragonette505 - How do you like the yogaglo app? I really want to get back into doing yoga more regularly.
    @MrsMiller8588 - FX for good timing!
    @TigerCakes - I hope the rest of your work trip goes by fast. Being in the same hotel would be so hard.
    @kiwi2628 - Sounds like you had a wonderful day! I'm jealous of the roaring fire!
    @Starla - Good thinking on calling around to find a cancellation! I can't wait to hear about the results!
    @Sailing_Mama - I would be a sad morado without cheese!
    @darkrose88 - Sorry about the long and confusing cycle. Hopefully your body starts making sense soon!
    @beachbunnyxo123 - I'm so excited that things are moving forward for you. I know it's frustrating to be stuck without a plan in place.
    @KatieEl - How rude!
    @JJMNO1616 - Congrats!
    @orbmaker - I feel like if you are born on pi day, you are obligated to love pie! It's nice to have you back and I'm glad you didn't have to trek out into the storm!

    Me: 28 | DH: 29
    Married: 12/2016
    DSS born: 01/2016
    TTC since: 01/2017
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