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Induction stories

Can you ladies share your induction stories. I'm being induced wed and im getting nervous. Its been keeping me up at night and my partner may not be able to stay with me the entire time (difficulty making arrangements for his other kids, lack of time off at work, and his fear of hospitals). If you could share your experiences, it would be helpful

Re: Induction stories

  • I was induced with both babies. Here are my stories!

    DS- I was 34 weeks and had emergency induction due to preeclampsia and high BP.
          I was completely closed, firm, and high. They placed cervadil at 10am. I felt some mild cramping on and off throughout the day, but no real contractions. At 10pm, I was 1 cm and 50% effaced. They started giving me cytotec by mouth every 4 hours and inserted a Foley balloon into my cervix. They blow up the balloon and essentially manually dilate you. They balloon stays in. I was still able to get up to the bathroom, etc throughout the night. I did start having contractions shortly after and received a couple doses of Fentanyl. At 6am the Dr came in and gently tugged on the Foley. It came right out and she checked me. I was 5cm. Then they started Pitocin and the contractions got stronger. At around 12 I was checked and was 6cm. I got my epidural and they broke my water. After about an hour I started feeling a little pressure and baby started having some decelerations. They checked and it was time to push! 10 min later we welcomed our 4lb 12oz baby boy. He had some trouble breathing and had to spend 10 days in NICU. I had a 2nd degree tear and a periurethral tear. Total time- 26 hours from start to delivery. 

    DD- I was 37 weeks and had a planned induction due to high BP and mild preeclampsia. 
           I was 1cm, 50% and soft when we started. They gave me cytotec at 9am and I started having son abdominal discomfort after about an hour. Nothing major, only occasional contractions. They repeated the dose 4 hours later and I hadn't really changed much. A couple hours later they started pitocin. They kept increasing it until I was having regular contractions. These were painful, so I received a couple doses of Fentanyl. I wasn't making much progress and when they checked me at 4:30am I was "not quite at 4cm" and 75%. About an hour later they broke my water and the pain got really bad! I was on 21 of Pitocin at this point and I think once they broke my water the contractions were much more effective. I got my epidural around 7am and was able to relax for a little while before I started having really bad hip pain and pressure. They checked me and it was time to push! 10 min later we welcomed our 7lb baby girl who was very healthy! We had skin to skin right away and she latched on to breast feed without issue. I had a 1st degree tear and a periurethral abrasion. Total time- Almost 24 hours from start to delivery.

    My advice- If you're planning to get an epidural, do it before they break your water. Don't get discouraged if it takes a long time! Your baby will arrive eventually :)
  • Hoping more stories get posted here... I am over due with no contractions and no dilation. I think I may be getting induced...

  • I had to get induced because my water broke and I didn't start having contractions. It wasn't bad at all! Went to hospital for waters check and confirmed around 7pm. They got me into a room and started pit at like midnight. Around 4am it was painful and I asked for the epi. Dr broke water (what was left of it) around 6:30am. I just slept basically on and off from 4am -9:30am and was told by the nurse around 9:30am that I was a 10 and could start pushing. The hardest part was pushing because the epi was so effective that I really couldn't feel anything. Had to rely on team to tell me when I was having a contraction: pushed for like 2 hours and baby was born. Epi wore off soon after and I was up and about maybe 2 hours after delivering her.

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