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  • @ArtificialRed your town can't handle 2" of snow (I'm behind, can you tell?) 
    Dare I venture to guess you live in the PNW? Because my city shut down during the last snow storm. Annoying.
  • @colorwheel lol no, I live in the "south" (we like to pretend we're southern, but that's debatable lol)

  • I've been traveling all week and just got back late last night (Portland --> San Diego --> Phoenix --> San Diego since Sunday morning).  I just looked all over my home office for my keyboard and even texted my husband to ask if he'd seen it anywhere... And there it was.  Sitting in plain sight on the desk.  :-o  

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  • @ShePersisted  thinking about you, keep us posted!!!!!! 

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  • Isn't it weird that we're just carrying another person around with us all the time? 

    ...I think it's time for Friday to be over. I need a nap.
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  • @DuchessOfCambridge I find the whole concept of pregnancy and breastfeeding super weird. Pretty awesome, but so, so weird. 

  • @DuchessOfCambridge yes! I love this phase of motherhood because your baby is with you wherever you go!

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  • @jess0211 Not weird at all. Looking back at both TWWs before and around BFPs, I was totally nesting!

    I am very lucky that my husband and I are public employees. We pay a decent chunk per month, but my birth will be only $50. It just went up from $25 last year. I consider myself extremely lucky.
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

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  • @kschref i think my brain just exploded. I never thought of that, but that's amazing! 
  • @NYTino24 I am right there with you, so thankful DH and I work for the state. We pay a pretty penny for insurance but the birth will be covered 100% (from what I can tell). There may be a small copay but it appears everything is covered as long as I stay in network which my ob and associated hospital is. So thankful. 

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  • @ugoglencoco My DD asked to watch Elf a could weeks ago! Of course, DD. Anytime. 
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  • @jess0211 I asked DH this yesterday. I want everything scrubbed with a toothbrush clean right now. And I actually put the goodwill donations INTO the car. They never make it past the entryway usually.
  • Weekend mornings my cat cries to be let in our room (we usually kick him out because he wakes up at 4 am and wants to play) and he just wants to cuddle, it's so sweet. He's currently rolled up in a ball under the covers next to my stomach. Little snugglebutt ❤
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    @slaven My sister had her baby there. I went up to help when my niece was 3 weeks. Fort Drum is no joke, I came from Alaska to help and it got down to -30 during my stay. On our way back from Canada with the baby we stopped cause she was hungry, stupid me turned off the car and the battery died and the gas station we stopped closed. Thank God there were still workers inside. Seeing an Amish buggy at a NAPA was amusing the whole situation was not. Aside from the cold I'm not sure they get much snow. 
  • @MaximumEffort I'm from NH which gets those polar vortexes for a few weeks at a time in the winter and it gets down to -20 or so with wind chill. I'll definitely be investing in nice Merino wool swaddles and sleep sacks. They're expensive but will be necessary so that baby stays warm. There are cheaper versions but what's nice about Merino wool is that it can help regulate the temperature so baby doesn't get too hot either. Also since this is our first I can try and wash them properly to make them last for multiple kids. Try being the keyword. Soldiers stationed in Alaska actually go to Drum for winter training sometimes lol.

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