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  • So we've given LO 2 baths now in a infant tub (we use the 4moms tub) and she screams and cries bloody murder the whole time...I feel so bad, we quickly wash her as fast as we can because I feel like we're torturing her! She really hates being naked, that's the main problem I think...any suggestions to help make bath time less traumatizing or is this just normal for a newborn to hate the bath at first?  
  • I second the "sponge bath on towels with space heater" suggestion!
  • First son I had to do the sponge bath method until he was about two months old. This one I use the same method as datalover mentioned- put a warm washcloth on top of baby and make sure it stays warm. If you have the same tub we do I just use a cup of fresh warm water and slowly pour it over the washcloth covering him frequently. 

    This definitely depends on the kid though! Like I said my first one was not ok with the wash cloth method until he reached two months and finally learned it wasn't so bad. Good luck!
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  • Maybe try wrapping him up in a receiving blanket in the tub and uncovering the parts you are going to wash. It helps him feel secure and warm. This was suggested to me by the NICU nurses at the hospital and seems to work well for my LO
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  • Thanks for all your suggestions! Bath time went a lot smoother this time :)
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