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Mental Health Monday Check In 3/13

How goes it ladies?

Re: Mental Health Monday Check In 3/13

  • I'm doing better this week. DH and I got in a tiny fight over the weekend, but it's better now. I'm dealing with the gestational diabetes. But, I made an appointment for end of March with my old therapist (haven't seen him in a year), just to touch base. I always planned to meet up with him at the end of pregnancy just in case I get bad PPD.

    How are you @Jens_Hoes ?
  • @BeachMommy2B Sorry you're having a hard time. It's a good plan to talk to your OB. Trying to be nice is sometimes the hardest thing, agreed! Hang in there! We're here for you.
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    I don't think the depression in pregnancy is that uncommon. A friend of mine was borderline suicidal during her pregnancy, which was totally out of character for her, she had no depression history at all. 

    I've had some depression and mostly anxiety with this one. I actually ended up in the ER with a major panic attack and I didn't even know what was going on. I'd never had that before! Stick in there, we are almost to the finish line. 
  • @fbmandy55 It sounds like you really have a lot on your plate. I'm glad you talked to your H about it, although I'm sorry it got to a "blow up" point. I really hope he hears you and is able to start pulling his weight. Is there a day where maybe you could carve out some you time? Take an evening off (have your H cook for him and DS) and go see a movie or get your nails done or go sit in a cafe and read a book?
  • Hang in there ladies! It sounds like you all have a lot on your plates, but have taken the right steps to ensure your sanity and get the support that you need. I know I've said this before, but I'm so glad that we have this board and group of ladies to vent to. It definitely helps! 

    I'm doing okay for a Monday. Tired from the DST and "helping" move yesterday. I just haven't slept well and my low back/pelvis/SI has been hurting. I'm feeling better about the house/apartment situation. Still annoyed about losing the money, but nothing we can do at this point. I think we will like where we will be living and it will work out better at this point. :) Oh, and my boss is trying to get myself and coworkers raises because she knows we do so much and don't get paid enough. She knows that there are other opportunities out there for us and that because we don't get paid what we should be that she may start losing some of us. Hoping that works out...might find out more this afternoon or in the next couple of days. 

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  • @jayandaplus I'm definitely doing better this week. I've had zero responsibilities this week because I'm on vacation, but I am so antsy to be home. 
    I'm also feeling less overwhelmed about my weight and how I look. I think I look more pregnant this week than last, which really helps me feel not fat. My next issue will be trying to find a shower dress that I like. 

    I think the fact that we're all semi aware of our struggles, whether mental health in nature or just overwhelming, is wonderful. I believe once someone is more self aware, it's one step closer to feeling back to normal, whatever that looks like. 

  • @fbmandy55 That really stinks that it took you blowing up to talk to your H, but hopefully he gets the hint! There's been a couple times where I let something brew for way to long and blow up on H too. I end up doing something nice for him since I feel so guilty.
    @BabyMC517 I'm glad you are feeling better about this apartment all the time. And that's super cool that your boss is trying to get you and your coworkers a raise! It's always nice to be acknowledged, but after so long, a boss really needs to show it!
  • @fbmandy55 i hate that feeling. my fiance is bad about not listening to me until I blow up sometimes. Hope he listens to you and you guys get it straightened out!
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  • I woke up feeling super on edge this morning. I had a doctor's appointment today and the doctor was running behind. I ended up bursting into tears in front of the entire office because I was so frustrated and already feeling on edge. I meant to talk to the doctor about several things and didn't address a single one because I was so upset. The rest of the day, I have been extremely exhausted. I can't wait to fall asleep tonight. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day.  :|
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  • Sorry you had such a rough day, @Jellybeanqueen13. Hopefully you wake up refreshed today and it goes much better!
  • @Jellybeanqueen13 Sorry you had such a rough day! I hope today is better!
  • I've really been struggling the last two days. My oldest is 5 and is a master at tuning out my voice. I basically have to go batsh*t crazy and yell for her to hear me. I hate being that kind of mom. She was super destructive yesterday....found a pair of scissors and cut up a bunch of clothes, curtains, name it. Today she's just mouthy and ignoring everything I say. I've been a sobbing, anxious mess. I had to lock myself in my room to calm down and keep myself from walking out the front door to get away. I'm sure there's an underlying issue causing my anxiety....but idk what it is. I'm gonna go through my dresser and closet and purge some clothes to channel my anxiety into something productive. 
  • @SparkySunDevil I really wish I had some advice for you! The little girl I watch almost every weekend is 5 and she goes through periods where she acts like this to me also (although she has never went crazy on my house with scissors) and I have yet to find anything that will get through to her. The weekend usually ends with lots of time outs and loss of all fun and me counting down the seconds until she's gone. I have also definitely cried and had to get away from her until I can calm down. Just know you are definitely not alone!
  • @SparkySunDevil, oh my, I can't believe she went nuts with scissors! I don't really have any advice, but I'm sorry that you're dealing with that. I know it sounds trite, but could you try tiring her out with more exercise outside? I think a lot of kids' behavior issues can be helped by more outdoor time. 

    I was also a kid that tuned my mom out, but it was because I was a very spacey kid who daydreamed a lot. I literally didn't hear her when she talked to me sometimes, even if I were looking right at her. They thought that I had a hearing problem for a while. She started making me repeat things back to her if it were important, and eventually, I got better at listening. 
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  • I have no idea where she even found the scissors. That's what frustrates me the most, I think. 

    We did go outside today and played with chalk. Let them run around for awhile. The *only* destructive thing she did was color on my couch with a marker. :neutral:  

    I did better this afternoon, after I took a break and did some purging. I struggle with anxiety, depression...and I have a short temper. A bad combination, I suppose. I go back to work tomorrow, which gives me a break. Hopefully I'll come out of this funk sooner than later. Thanks for listening and offering advice :)
  • Had a really scary moment today at DH's parents' house today...Long story short, DH's niece (5) went out the front door to play outside even though she's not allowed in the front yard without supervision and left the door wide open so DD (1.5) followed her quietly and ran all the way out to the sidewalk and was walking up and down it, laughing when I noticed it was unusully quiet and panicked when I couldn't find my toddler and saw the door wide open. Cherry on top being that it was during after school traffic with cars speeding through the neighborhood and school busses dropping off older kids. 

    I'm relieved I got to her in time and that nothing bad happened, but I'm pretty sure that shaved 10+ years off of my life and I feel like the worst mother in the world and am a ball of anxiety about leaving DD with anyone while I'm giving birth to this baby. If I wasn't there would anyone else have noticed the quiet like I did and investigate? Ugh...I just can't with the what-if's and I can hardly look at my baby girl without feeling guilty.
  • @SparkySunDevil I'm so sorry to hear about your week! I hope it gets better soon. Thinking about you!
  • I'm sorry @OmegaRose3. I can't even imagine how stressful that must have been for you. You're definitely not a bad mother. You DID notice! And since it did happen, it seems like your family would be much more cautious about that in the future if they were watching your LOs.
  • @OmegaRose3 How terrifying! You did nothing wrong! Toddlers/kids can't be watched every second. You handled the situation well. By no means are you a bad mother. You did nothing wrong. Thankfully nothing happened, but I'm sorry you had that experience at all!
  • @OmegaRose3  That's what the mom instinct is for. You noticed it was quiet and went to investigate. You didn't do anything wrong! Don't beat yourself up. 
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