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  • Mind blown! Had no idea about us having an AE ! Just messaged you @pshaortao.

    BTW, I mobile bump and hasn't checked my inbox since.... I think my last bmb... just a heads up to those that don't and should because I missed some supportive messages sent to me back in December  :#

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  • @nda_roxybabe @l1cgal and @jayandaplus FTM, but I thought I read somewhere that how baby is in the uterus is not the same as how they are once they are born. I think it said it had to do with baby being rocked to sleep when you are more active and kicking and moving when you're not, so it doesn't' really matter what their schedule is not, it could be completely different once they are born. I'll have to see if I can find the article...I mean I could be remembering completely wrong haha (my brain keeps failing me), but I'm almost positive that's what I had read. 

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    @nda_roxybabe  @L1C4gal @jayandaplus with my first, his schedule out of the womb didn't match what he did inside. Plus, babies' "schedules" change so often in the first few months anyhow unless you get that lucky unicorn baby...

    Eta bc I didn't read it before posting lol

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  • Regarding babys activity level in utero versus being born.. I honestly don't remember! Once DD was born it was all a blur anyways with the constantly nursing and doing MOTN bumping and infinite amount of time wasted on Netflix.

    This guy is almost always moving around 11pm, give or take, and I have to wait for him to settle down before I can go to sleep. I just imagine itll be a time I will just nurse.

  • @BabyMC517 @mrsrep123 That's what I kind of figured. However, baby does have 2 times of the day that regardless of whether I'm active/ moving or not, they're definitely up. I'll be curious to see if those 2 times continue after birth.
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  • As far as activty in utero vs outside baby, I noticed that mine acted similar.  DS was super calm, sent me to the hospital more than once for lack of movement, that kid was one of those magical unicorn babies that would sleep in 3-4 hour stretches, and super easy.  DD was a crazy active baby, drama in every way possible (the NICU nurses even joked about her drama levels), I swear the child never slept, she is still hard to make go to bed or take a nap, overall she's a live wire.

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  • @livin541 ok please help, what does BTDT mean? 
  • @swe2 been there done that

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  • I don't know about schedules, but I can say my DD's attitude matched her immediate post-birth attitude.  When she was born, we had to cut skin to skin short because she was so ridiculously worked up.  The nurse actually said, "We don't usually do this, but let's try a swaddle."  Once she was in her swaddle, she calmed down and we cuddled just fine.  She still has a flair for the dramatics and will crumble to the floor at a moment's notice.  Also, I had to be induced with her because she was late.  She's still very stubborn and will only do things on her own schedule.  

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  • I can't remember my first being crazy active inside but my son was a sleep hating colic monster on the outside so I'm hoping this kid's party party party attitude isn't a reflection of anything to come. 

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    L1C4gal said:
    Here's a random. Does baby's schedule in utero end up being anything like their schedule once they're born? This baby definitely has it's active awake times. To the point that I can know what time it is based on their movement.
    @nda_roxybabe I was wondering the same thing yesterday! Curious to know...
    I think it does. That's why many babies have their nights and days turned around when they are first born. Also, I don't know how true this is for every baby but DS was a super active baby in the womb and turned out to be a pretty restless, active newborn where DD was very quiet in the womb and very mild and quiet on the outside too. Obviously no anterior placenta.
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    Add me to the group that had no idea we had a faker in here! Thanks to those that noticed and handled it. 

    Now I'm off to read july's drama....
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  • Wow! Where have I been?

    Random: The Bump has been playing some super weird and sometimes disturbing ads on the computer.

    Also, to whoever told the person at Starbucks off. You go girl!
  • I totally didn't pick up on the cat fish, wth! So glad they are no longer in the group.
    I would love to go look at Julys drama but I have a hard time keeping up with this board sometimes! Maybe when I have more time I'll make my way over there. 

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  • @mspacman34 yes I mentioned those a few weeks ago I mostly x out of them quickly but they are super strange 
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