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Interrupted Sleeping...OUCH!!!

Hi Everyone!
I am 31 wks and am having the worst pressure point pain in my hips while I sleep. Both sides! Does anyone have a remedy for this??? Is it time to start sleeping sitting up? Other than that I am super comfy sleeping on my sides, it's just this horrible pain I get in my hips...the hip on the side I'm sleeping on. I do the pillow between the legs things...sometimes the pillow AND a blanket haha! I don't remember this pain the last time, however the sciatica might have been covering it up haha! HELP!
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Re: Interrupted Sleeping...OUCH!!!

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    yes its a very real thing, I had it from 28 weeks on. I got a mattress topper to go underneath me and that helped some. I stretched my hips every day which seem to help more, as well as getting a pillow that was big enough for my knees and ankles. Chiropractic was very helpful until the last few weeks of pregnancy. I'd go every week-2 weeks and the pain would go away for a few days but would come back and I'd go again. Swimming helped as well. Good luck, it sucks but it'll be over before you know it. 
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