Weekly Symptom Thread 3/13 — The Bump
September 2017 Moms

Weekly Symptom Thread 3/13

How's everyone doing as we approach/enter the 2nd trimester?
How far along are you, and what are your symptoms this week?

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Married: 10.15.16
BFP: 12.24.16
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Re: Weekly Symptom Thread 3/13

  • Hello all! 
    12 weeks 2 days, getting better I must say, nausea and headache kicks in every 2-3 days in the evening, other than that I think I am happy to welcome 2nd trimester in a few days!! Hope y'all doing better!! 
  • 14+1
    •gas is unreal 
    •still tired, not exhausted, but napping and going to bed 9:30. 

    I also am getting super dark areolas to go with my larger than life boobs. 

  • The past few days I've been having some fairly intense pain around my left ovary... mostly when I'm laying down, but it's bad enough to keep me awake. Anyone else had anything like that? I'm going to the Dr today, and plan to ask her. 
    Other than that... 


    -nausea is better 90% of the time, but still likes to pop in occasionally to remind me who's boss
    -still never really hungry, and nothing ever sounds good. I eat because I have to, which sucks.
    -so, so tired
    -getting headaches more than I would like, but I'm wondering how much of that is sinus related.

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  • 15+3. Still have these ghastly skin issues. Acne, backne, neckne. Occasional headaches. Super fatigued. The nausea went away for a couple of weeks and now it is back with a vengeance. 
  • @HollyGolightly09 I definitely have pain around my right ovary but I do have recurring ovarian cysts. They found one during my last ultrasound but said it shouldn't be anything to be concerned about. 

    It's good that you have an appointment soon so that they can look into it for you. 
  • Really hoping this mythical 2nd trimester energy will kick in soon! I am just SO tired all the time! 
  • 12+5 so tired all the time.  I always heard you don't show til much further on with your first, but never understood that while I wouldn't show a bump....None of my clothes fit. I feel so awkward and uncomfortable with this intermediate body.  :( 
    Me: 32 | DH: 35
    Met: 2007
    Married: 2013
    TTC #1: August 2015
    BFP: 06/21/16  MMC: 08/04/16
    BFP: 01/08/17 EDD: 09/20/2017

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  • 14+3

    Lightning crotch yet anybody????  All the sudden this morning I am getting random zaps down there.

    Other than that nausea and headaches are gone but now I just want to eat all the time.
    Cramping on and off still.
  • 15+2
    • Sinusitis has kicked into full gear over past week.  I think it *might* be a cold or allergies, but it sucks.
    • Indigestion/Heartburn finally letting up.  Able to consume water a little more easily now
    • Still tired AF.  
    • Still dislike my spouse about 40% of the time for no reason
    • Also feeling some sharpness at my right ovary where I have a 4cm cyst.  Ill be interested to see what size it is at ultrasound next week because I feel like it has to be growing if im feeling somethin goin on there.
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  • 13+4:
    Feeling so tired but have a bad cold that's kicking my add - sore throat, cough, congested, fuzzy head. I want to be in bed but apparently the weekend is over

    Boobs are sore

    Belly popped! Finally look pregnant and finally told so I can wear my maternity pants and enjoy the comfort
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  • 11w6d

    Since around week 6 nausea has been all day every day, but worse in the evenings.
    I dry heave multiple times a day and eventually things start to come up between 8-10pm.
    The burping...oh my gosh the burping.
    My energy is zapped.
  • 14+3
    +1 on the hungry all the time train. I grazed all day yesterday... ugh. Heartburn and indigestion at bedtime. Still constipated. Nausea has faded for the most part thank god. Not as ragey, not much else to report honestly. 
  • 13w3d so tired all the time!!! Plus insomnia, a nearly constant headache, and no appetite. 
  • 13 weeks tomorrow. And still no symptoms. I guess this pregnancy is just skipping the symptom train. I do have a lot of cravings though. 
  • @kailapop same here. My boobs are huge and my  areolas are so dark and I'm only 13 weeks. I can't imagine how much bigger they're going to get. 
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  • @JustBored10 I've been getting lightening crotch on and off for the last week. It's the worst!

    14+1 today.
    -lots of heartburn. 
    -random bouts of nausea, but much better overall.
    -hungry all the time, but nothing sounds good.
    -still exhausted
    -lots of pelvic and lower back pain
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  • @Souptin I had a leak at week 5!!! It has since stopped. Just the odd small leak here and there. 

    @babyschopf right?!? I remember last time thinking man my boobs are huge there's no way they're getting any bigger. Then my milk came in and proved me wrong. This time around they're bigger already. I'm in trouble when my milk comes in. I'll be a walking set of boobs. 
  • I'm 15 weeks today. Still tired and going to bed early, but not feeling quite as exhausted. But I wouldn't say I have energy yet. Belly is definitely bloated, but I can still do my regular pants for the most part. Some, I've started to have to use my Bella band with. I'm torn. I always heard you show quicker with the second baby. And maybe I am, but not much. Part of me wants to really show to ease my PGAL brain -- to reassure myself things are fine and baby is growing. But the other part of me reeeeally wants my belly to stay hidden until next week. We haven't told anyone but immediately family yet (three past M/Cs), but we have our gender scan next Wednesday. So we'll probably make it public to coworkers, etc. later next week. 

    I'm trying not to freak out because I really don't have that many symptoms. But I didn't with my daughter either. So far, the pregnancies are identical. 
  • 12+1.. ugh. I tend to have a few more good days than bad, and the bad ones are less severe. So that's good! This nearly debilitating fatigue has kicked in though, but it rather be tired than nauseous any day. Sometimes I seriously find myself just staring at poor DH, knowing that this is his fault! Haha it's not though! I wanted another one just as much as he did! Poor guy. I'm usually nice to him though, so it could be worse. The only person I always have patience with lately is DS... it's like I save it up for him. 
    Hopefully the bad days will continue to decrease!
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  • 13+0
    I forgot to take my nausea meds last night and am paying for it today. I just couldn't take it anymore, so I went home sick halfway through the afternoon. I feel like a wimp.
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  • 12+3. Still tired. Hungry all the time. I'm also sick, not due to pregnancy. Just sick. It sucks. Hoping I'll feel better tomorrow. 
    Me: 32 DH: 32 TTC#1 since Oct 2015
    PCOS - BFP!!!! 1/16/17 EDD: 9/22/17 Baby Boy - born 9/18/17

  • @JustBored10 yes to lightning crotch, unfortunately I have learned that lightning butt(hole) exists too... tmi I know.

    For the most part I have been feeling pretty good.  I have had some strange/not as common it seems symptoms.  Baby must be laying low because the pressure really sucks, I also think it has caused my uterus/cervix to get pressed lower (like prolapse but not quite that bad) it feels like an uncomfortable feeling in my vagina.  So most of my stuff has been vaginal discomfort between the pressure and lightning down below.  

    Im really hoping some of it subsides as baby continues to move up.
  • @JustBored10 yes to lightning crotch, unfortunately I have learned that lightning butt(hole) exists too... tmi I know.
    OMG I just almost spit water out of my mouth... dying! 
    Although, I'm very sorry you are experiencing something so unpleasant. 
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  • @HollyGolightly09 lol!  So not fun, I hope for everyone's sake that I'm in the minority here!
  • @HollyGolightly09 lol!  So not fun, I hope for everyone's sake that I'm in the minority here!
    Ohhhhh I've felt it too lol had it today actuall
  • 13w1d Ahhh, my boobs won't stop itching, but they're still incredibly painful at the same time, so it hurts to itch them. Also my hands keep feeling kind of stiff and swollen, and so much lightning crotch. 
  • @ellemnop90 oh I know all about the lightning butt...LOL!  I always get it for some reason on the first day of my menstrual cycle.  Luckily not during pregnancy.  Well not yet anyways!
  • 13wks 2days. Heartburn at night is legit. Still tired as hell. But otherwise pretty good.

  • atthemomentatthemoment
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    13w1d nausea started to fade but now wants to pester me again. And wtf i thought constipation was a thing of the past? 1st tri is going out with a bang i guess lol
    DS 8/13/15 
    Blessed  <3 o:)
  • I saw lower back pain, but is anyone else feeling back pain?  I am on my feet quite a lot (I wasn't with my first) and I am seriously feeling some pain in there.
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  • @SugarRush Sometimes. I walked across the street to buy lunch today and when I got back, my back was killing me. 
    Me: 32 DH: 32 TTC#1 since Oct 2015
    PCOS - BFP!!!! 1/16/17 EDD: 9/22/17 Baby Boy - born 9/18/17

  • @SugarRush My back was killing me yesterday/last night. I'm pretty sure it was our field trip that did it... 2 hour and a half bus rides, and walking around a children's science museum. 
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  • once a month at work we do a lunch and learn seminar for young military officers, and I do all the set up at the Country Club. I am so dead right now. I am exhausted, I want to hide under my desk and nap. Ughh. 

  • @SugarRush my back was killing me until I started wearing sports bras as soon as I got home and to sleep. And now it's been two weeks without back pain. So idk if it helped or just went away but I'm going to keep up with this sports bra thing for now. 
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  • The gagging needs to stop!

    @SugarRush My back was pretty bad for awhile. I kept aggravating it by lifting up my daughters. I sit in a chair all day at a computer. It has been feeling better lately. 
  • The gagging needs to stop!

    OMG, yes! It's so bad.
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  • I have tail bone pain on the left side.. only low back if I stand for too long.

    My hips are getting achey.

    BOOBS! holy cow. They're huge and they hurt and wtf? 

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  • I never want to wake up in the mornings. I am dead tired after lunch. When I get home I'm tired but my body won't let me fall asleep until like midnight. 
  • I've started having daily headaches. :expressionless: Not a fan. And I'm trying to take as little medicine as possible. Daily zantac is already a necessity, I really don't want to add Tylenol.
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